Loy Norrix High School Keeps The Candlelight Ceremony Alive


Senior class president Marta Grabowski passes the torch of leadership to Junior class president Sarah Townsend. The candlelight ceremony not only awards those who have excelled in certain areas, but recognizes the upcoming seniors. Photo by Asia Davis


June 1st marks another day where Loy Norrix High School seniors can  celebrate their last day of school. No more studying, exams or waking up early in the morning. Most seniors are counting down and the count down has reached zero.

In honor of those graduating and those moving up to their last year, the candlelight ceremony congratulates both sides, juniors and seniors. Seniors have the chance to  pass the torch to the juniors where they will now be the leaders to all underclassmen. This has been a tradition in the Loy Norrix family and this year is no different. Students, administrators, teacher, friends and family members will gather in the auditorium to commemorate a special event.

Junior Erin Romph will be participating in the ceremony and believes this is going to motivate her to graduate next year.

“It’s cool, it’s a good way to motivate me to be successful and to become a senior and actually gratuate,” said Romph. “It makes us juniors look forward to graduating next year.”

After the candlelight ceremony, seniors will celebrate with a lunch-in after the candlelight ceremony.

Congratulations to the Loy Norrix class of 2012.