Some Koreans feel fearful about the Black Lives Matter protests in the US


Businesses in Koreatown of Los Angeles ready materials to protect their shops. Protests have turned violent in many places, leading to shop owners taking extra steps to defend their businesses.

Shin-Ling Yeh, Staff Writer

Just over 2 weeks ago, there was a public outcry with the death of George Floyd’s under a policeman’s knee. George Floyd was African American, and the police officers that led George Floyd to death were white. 

The problem was that the police excessively got George Floyd under control, and his death became a racist crime.

There are many voices saying that the four policemen who were on the scene have to be punished with the criminal act based on racism.

This is not the first time that these racist crimes have been committed. These racist crimes have continued from the past to the present. There have even been similar incidents in the past.

According to the BBC NEWS, there was a similar issue in 2015 when Sheku Bayoh died. Back in 2015, the police in Kirkcaldy, Scotland responded to calls about a man behaving erratically with a knife, though Sheku Bayoh was not carrying a weapon. However police acted excessively and Sheku Bayoh eventually died.

Not only the issue that I mentioned above, there were other racist crimes committed in the past.

These are why many people are sending messages in favor of African Americans on internet media, and famous celebrities and many companies are also.

Protests for black lives are also going around all over the country. This is a desirable way to fight the issue of racism.

Unfortunately, I heard news that people demolished and looted stores during these protests, and even the Koreans at the Korean Town in the U.S. were hit by other people at the protests.

Racism against African Americans needs to obviously change, and crimes based on racism have continued to damage the black community. 

I feel sad that Asian Americans have also been discriminated against based on racism, and there are some damages that Asian Americans got from the protests today in the US.

I am sorry about the wounds that African Americans have received, and I think the protests of resistance to fight racism are proper actions. However, I am worried about the damage that Asian Americans have suffered too, which could lead to other racial discriminations. I really hope these dreadful events could occur less frequently and people would be given dignity and equality regardless of their race.

There have been many issues with racism from the past to the present and everyone has to work to change social perception. Though, I believe that there will be a better world in the future if we continuously try to make it better.