Class of 2021 set to take SAT on October 14

Sophie Decker, Web Editor, A/V Editor

As spring approaches, juniors prepare to take one of the most stressful tests of their high school career: the SAT, but not for the class of 2021. This year’s seniors weren’t able to take it last spring due to the forced COVID-19 closings. They were notified on Sept. 17 of the rescheduled SAT date. Now, the SAT is scheduled for Oct. 14 and will be held inside Loy Norrix.

It is optional for students to take the SAT, but Loy Norrix senior Nick Fries feels somewhat pressured to opt in, even though academically, he feels very unprepared. 

“Given the circumstances and everything going on in the world, I’ve been a little occupied and stressed, so studying and preparing wasn’t at the forefront of my mind,” Fries said.

Algebra 2 and French teacher Patrick Greeley has a more positive outlook on students’ ability to succeed. 

“If it’s an optional test then I think that students who choose to come in and take it, I think they’re pretty well prepared,” Greeley said.

Students will be required to wear masks the entire time they are inside the school, and the test will be completely free of charge.

Loy Norrix senior Yancy Quinn-Cabrera will not be taking the SAT and feels perfectly fine about missing it. 

“I don’t think I would do very well,” Quinn-Cabrera said, even though he did well on his PSATs. “Last year I didn’t really learn much. I passed classes.” 

Since Quinn-Cabrera will be attending Kalamazoo Valley Community College next school year, it isn’t necessary for him to take the SAT. 

“I do feel more ready for college than I am for the SAT,” said Quinn-Cabrera.

Quinn-Cabrera believes it will make more sense for a lot of students to not take the SAT since many colleges are dropping or relaxing their SAT requirements due to the circumstances. 

Hopefully those students who decide to take the test will be unaffected by the circumstances and succeed as they normally would if school was in session as usual.