Competitive cheer team breaks 2012 record at Lakewood High School Invitational


Credit: Gigi Fox

Naomi Pullman (left), Jamiah Jennings (right) and LN cheer team jump into a right herkie in the second round.

Ari'el Abbott, Twitter Editor

Teams from all around West Michigan gathered at Lakewood High School Invitational. The Loy Norrix team waited around the mat holding hands to announce the score, all sharing the same anticipation after doing their best the last three rounds. The LN cheerleaders hear their division and then the world goes quiet for a small moment. 

“With a total score of 654, the team in the number one division goes to Loy Norrix High School!” 

They jump up and down screaming in relief because a few months ago, no one thought this would be possible.

With 208.8 points in round one, 177.84 points in round two and 278.2 points in round three, the Lady Knights Competitive Cheer team’s final score was 654.84, leaving them with not only the highest score this season but also the highest score since 2012, almost a decade ago. 

Beginning this season with a low score of 570 at the first SMAC competition at Kalamazoo Central, there was increased pressure to score high.

“I was so excited when I heard our name for first place. We worked so hard to get that spot. I greatly appreciate our coach for pushing us to be the best we can be every time we compete,” said senior Destiny Clark. 

Competitive cheer is a sport that demands perseverance and is meant to show the judges the best flexibility, tumbling, jumps, and motion skills.

There are a total of three rounds treated very seriously, where you compete in front of more than five judges from the Michigan High School Athletic Association that judge based upon three different categories:  motions and jumps in the first round, flexibility and jumps in the second round then tumbling and stunting in the third round. The totals from each round are added together in order to calculate a score between 500 and 700.

LN cheer is breaking barriers that haven’t been broken in a while, but the season isn’t over yet with some of the biggest opposition yet to be tackled. Right now the team is working to compete to be on the top five teams at district in order to go past the MHSAA district competition that will be coming up on February 19. The MSHAA States Regional and the state finals are coming up on March 4. 

“This season is quickly approaching. I don’t want to leave. We all have built so many good friendships within these last few months and believe districts are going to be not only the last competition but the best competition yet,” said freshman Ariana Mccord.