Loy Norrix Theatre department announces cast for “And Then There Were None”

James Hauke, Multimedia Editor

As the third trimester signals the nearing end of the school year, for some Loy Norrix students this also marks the start of their last high school theatre production of the year.

The Loy Norrix Theatre department has announced the cast list for the upcoming production of “And Then There Were None,” a murder mystery play adapted from Agatha Christie’s best-selling novel of the same name.

The Cast List for LN Theatre’s production of “And Then There Were None”

Mrs. Rogers – Zaynah Simonian
Mr. Rogers – Braeden Davis
F. Narracott – Aanje Greymountain
Vera Claythorne – Sagan Barber
Philip Lombard – Liam Braun
Angela Marston – Ellen Terzino
William Blore – Donovan Wilson
General Mackenzie – Hollis Masterson
Emily Brent – Yacine Lo

Sir Lawrence Wargrave – Elias Nagel-Bennett
Dr. Armstrong – Hana Westrick

Students who have been cast have been instructed to check their school emails for an invite to the productions Google Classroom. Rehearsals begin after school Monday, March 21.

The production’s show dates are still to be determined: however, with the recent news of the casting, dates should be released soon.