The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

Knight Life

The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

Knight Life

The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

Knight Life

Drama department announces 2023 musical

Drama department announces 2023 musical

Dan Lafferty, Guest June 4, 2023

Freshman Isaac Rubin and Connor Doren show off their brilliance in a friendly game of chess. Students who are finished with classwork can continue to use their brains, but chess can also be a distraction for those who have assignments to complete.

Chess checkmates student focus: Late work and lack of moderation impacts students

Axel Herrera-Villalobos June 3, 2023

Online chess has taken the Loy Norrix community by storm, and it’s no surprise when some teachers use Classroom Relay to halt student matches, calling it their King's Gambit. Over the past few months,...

Freshman Avalon Yarworth is reading the note and signature that freshman Malia Guy wrote in her yearbook. Yarworth wants Guy to sign her yearbook in order to remember her freshman year and all of the friends she has now.

Students still purchase the expensive yearbook, despite the presence of photos on social media

Madelyn Ide June 3, 2023

Inside the dimly lit yearbook classroom, students are resizing photos, editing captions, or writing stories. Some students may not even be inside the classroom; instead, they are scattered around the school,...

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The effects of caffeine: there may be more to your morning brew than a burst of energy

Alex Buckley, Sports Team June 2, 2023

Students funnel into the tower every morning, walking restlessly up stair mountain. Alongside them, their sidekick to conquer the day: their cup of coffee. Boosting them up and giving them that power to...

Loy Norrix students dancing to music played by DJ Conscious.

Students went above and beyond for this year’s “Knight Flight to the Stars”

Kierra Walker, Tower Talk Team June 1, 2023

This year’s space-themed prom was one for the books. On Saturday, May 6, Loy Norrix’s annual junior and senior prom was held at the Air Zoo. Attendees walked in on a red carpet and had their...

Kalamazoo United lacrosse teams explain the financial struggles of being labeled a ‘club’ team

Sophia Ciokajlo, Social Media Team May 29, 2023

As spring sports season began, many teams spent time prepping for the season by conditioning, but for club teams such as Kalamazoo United (KU), decisions about funding dominated the preseason. The...

The post-class stampede

The post-class stampede

Hope Lindblade, Staff Writer May 22, 2023

Student skips class during 3rd hour. Many student leave to skip class out of the lower K wing doors.

Loy Norrix teachers describe the negative effects of skipping on both staff and students

Sophia James, Guest Writer April 24, 2023

For most students, the mention of skipping class wouldn’t be anything new.  The number of students missing multiple weeks of school or just having unexcused absences is climbing.  In Grand Rapids...

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