The Hispanic/LatinX student association visits the school daycare for the celebration of Dia Del Niño


Credit: Destiny Gutter

Junior Andrea Medina Hernandez helps a preschooler on the monkey bars. Medina Hernandez is one of the clubs founders.

Destiny Gutter, Video Editor/Knight Speak Team

The sun was shining bright on Friday, May 19th while the tiniest people at Loy Norrix ran around the playground laughing with each other, playing sharks and minnows, splashing in a water game, munching down on pizza and meeting up with the big kids of the Hispanic/LatinX Association. This isn’t the first time club members have tapped into their inner child and played with the toddler Knights on campus..
On April 29th, they visited the children to celebrate Dia Del Niño, the child’s day, a holiday originating in Mexico to recognize the importance of children in society. The club members organized activities like musical chairs, dancing, playing outside, and colored Dia Del Niño themed coloring sheets.
The kids welcomed each visit and seemed very excited to meet and play with the older students
“They didn’t want us to leave, it was adorable,” said junior Andrea Medina.
The first visit at the child care center, according to senior Gina Bello, was very last-minute.
“We had to order the pizza right before we went down there, ” Bello said.
On the club’s first visit to the daycare, there were only 7 of the club members. This time, however, the club was able to get a group of more than 10. Unlike the first visit, this one was more organized: Hispanic/LatinX club members spent two weeks getting ready beforehand.

“We just didn’t wanna lose a connection with the preschoolers, especially because the seniors are leaving soon and really just wanted to hang out with them one more time,” said Andrea Medina-Hernandez.
While the club doesn’t have time to visit the daycare again this year, the student organization hopes to do this again sometime in the 2022-2023 school year.