KPS experiences suspicious WiFi outages the week of Oct 3


Credit: Chloe Rathbun

Selena Montalvo, Attendance Interventionist, works on attendance during the internet outage and explains the new system she created to adapt. Teachers took attendance on paper, and within the first ten minutes of class had a student run it to the office. Later, Montalvo will have to input the paper copies online.

Chloe Rathbun and Josephine Velo

On Wednesday, Oct. 5, Loy Norrix students opened their chromebooks to take the required Horizon standardized testing. Most students couldn’t even get through the login screen. 

KPS experienced WiFi outages intermittently last week: the issue was district-wide.  

Staff in the main office were in a frenzy, trying to access student files without internet connection.

“It’s highly frustrating to all of us office staff… it makes it that much harder,” said secretary Jennifer Dantes, “We can’t help like we’d like to.”

It was also the beginning of Count Week. Count Week is a statewide 10 day period where public schools in Michigan tally the number of students that attend the school to receive funding from the state.

“Every student.. brings in just over $9,000 in revenue for the school district,” said Principal Christopher Aginuaga, “If we don’t get them counted…we lose that funding.”

Aguinaga described the issue as “an outside internet entity…flooding our network with data.”

According to Aginauga, technology services are reviewing student search histories to check if someone within our district is responsible for the outages, but as of now nothing is definite, and the investigation is ongoing.