Catch the Club: Loy Norrix Cyber Knights secures systems and win prizes


Credit: Ender Ross

The Cyber Knights prepare for their big tournament with a little help from Ahmad Daud. The only way to Improve is to practice, after all.

Ender Ross, Executive Web Editor


CyberSecurity Club. How secure do you think your computer is? With the rise of targeted advertising, privacy and data security are becoming a commodity in short supply. But if you joined the CyberSecurity club, then you could learn to make your data so secure that even your parents can’t get their hands on it.

That’s not all you’ll be able to do at the Cyber Knights Club! The team also participates in cybersecurity competitions with other teams all over the nation, and one of these competitions is run by the United States Air Force, the reputable Cyberpatriot competition. 

“We compete in CyberSecurity competitions and know how to make a system secure,” said club member Gabriel Naylor. “There’s not a lot of people, and the environment is very friendly.” 

Knowledge in a skill like cybersecurity knowledge can open doors to jobs in areas such as Information Technology (IT) or computer science. Computer skills are one of the most important things you can utilize for success later in life. 

“We need someone who knows Linux very well”

— Gabriel Naylor

“We need more people to join,” said Naylor, “and we need someone who knows Linux very well.” 

Linux is a computer operating system like Windows, but it’s a little more complicated. 

Rostam Ahmad Daud, who has a master’s degree in cybersecurity, is the advisor for the club and teaches Information Systems at Norrix. 

“I always want people to join the club, even though the roster for the competition we are doing this fall closes this month, we do another competition in the spring,” said Ahmad Daud. “And those skills do translate into jobs. I attended a … conference just last week, and they discussed how scary things are right now. How things are being put onto the internet, sometimes with no password at all.” 

One of the things students do in Cybersecurity Club is ensure the security of passwords. The lack of password security that a lot of companies and websites on the internet have is staggering. 

According to Ahmad Daud, he could crack a password like Beans1234% in only a few days, using only the equipment he has in M1, the classroom where Cyber Knight holds meetings and where Ahmad Daud teaches his classes. 

Cybersecurity is a great club to attend if you want to have fun, learn skills that will help you succeed in life and be secure in your daily activities online.