Catch the club: Norrix Knights battle one another at chess club!


Credit: Ender Ross

Nicholas Ferrel battles Dominic Harrel in chess, a game of wits. For any of you interested, Chess Club is Wednesday in D10, Jim Bellware’s room.

Ender Ross, Executive Web Editor

Chess is a game of pure skill. No luck, no chance, no glitches. Just two peoples’ minds up against one another. And at the chess club, Loy Norrix students push their brains to the limit, competing against each other and sometimes the club advisor and college readiness teacher, Jim Bellware. 

Anybody who can beat Bellware wins a custom chessboard! A significant prize, but Bellware is a fine player and does not have to hand them out super often. While Bellware lacks the time to practice at home, his skills are still sharp. 

“I make the chess boards that I give out, buy the wood from Lowe’s, wood-burn it in,” said Bellware. He has made three this year, and owes two more to victorious students. 

In recent years, chess has been sweeping America’s schools, many thanks to chess Youtubers online like GothamChess and Hikaru Nakamura, an actual chess grandmaster who has been involved in numerous world championships! These personalities get kids to play chess, which is a very strong and healthy habit to develop for the brain. According to ChessWizards, chess can increase memory, problem solving skills, and increase creativity, among other things. 

“I love it. It’s good for thinking, better than playing ‘Call of Duty’ or something like that in terms of brain development,” said Bellware, who has been playing chess since he was four.

There are no requirements to join chess club either. The only skill you need to bring to chess club is how to lose and win gracefully. 

“I’ve been playing for around two months,” said junior Dominic Harrel, “and it doesn’t matter how good you are, just learn. Just ask for advice whenever you can, and you will improve.” 

There is room for everybody in the chess club at Norrix, whether you’re an expert player or not. Stop by on Wednesdays during all three lunches in D10.