MIPA announces contest winners for the 2022-2023 school year


Senior Zachary Eldred waits in anticipation for the 2023 awards to be announced. He ended with a second place award and an honorable mention.

Gracie Goschke, Business Manager, Opinion Editor

“We work hard all year, but it’s great to see some recognition for people’s work, especially from a big organization like MIPA [Michigan Interscholastic Press Association],” said junior and Knight Life multimedia editor, Josephine Velo. 

With the 2022-2023 school year coming to a close, the Michigan Interscholastic Press Association announced its contest winners last week, giving over 18 hundred awards to student journalists across Michigan. 

This year, Loy Norrix Knight Life was placed in Division 1 and won a total of 36 awards, split up between first place, second place, third place and honorable mention for social media, illustrations, photos and many different stories. 

“MIPA awards give a lot of recognition to the work we’ve been doing in class and for the publication,” said Knight Life editor-in-chief and senior Hannah Locke. “That recognition and acknowledgement is really important because we don’t always get a lot of reactions to our work. We know that people read it, but getting awards and the acknowledgement for the work is really helpful and inspirational for a lot of students in the class.”

Knight Life is not the only class in the school that receives these awards. The LN yearbook also won a total of 39 awards for different writings, spreads, and many different photos . 

“It feels nice to be recognized because I think people don’t realize how much work is put into the stuff we do,” said senior and editor-in-chief Mara Vanderbeek, who won five different awards for a student life spread, mod or sidebar coverage, cover page, an academics photo, and theme development. “The little details they [students] don’t notice, the MIPA judges do notice, so it’s just really exciting for me to see and everyone else.”

Knight Life reporters and yearbook students work extremely hard everyday to publish news, features and entertaining stories, and this is their opportunity to receive acknowledgement from more than just their readers.



Knight Life Awards

First Place Awards 

  • Zoe Bierema- Editorial Cartoon
  • Destiny Gutter- News-Feature Photo
  • Eleanor Cook- Environmental Portrait 
  • Hannah Locke- In-Depth Feature
  • Sophia Ciokajlo & Eleanor Cook- Environmental, Health or Science 
  • Foster Neve-Jones & Josephine Velo- Alternative Story Form 

Second Place 

  • Clara Burton- Editorial Cartoon
  • Gracie Goschke- Information Graphic 
  • Chloe Rathbun & Josephine Velo- News Brief 
  • Alex Buckley & Owen Quayle- In-depth Feature
  • Zachary Eldred- Sports News Story

Third Place Awards

  • Alex Buckley & Owen Quayle- Photo Story 
  • Hannah Locke- Breaking News Coverage 
  • Kierra Walker- News Story
  • McKenzie Nuyen & Miya Timmer- Alternative Story Form
  • Jessica Torres Martinez- Personality Profile Social Media Coverage 

Honorable Mention

  • Aanje Greymountain- Illustration
  • Aanje Greymountain- Illustration
  • Alex Buckley- Information Graphic
  • Sophia Ciokajlo- Sports Action Photo
  • Sophia Ciokajlo- Sports Action Photo
  • Gracie Goschke- News-Feature Photo
  • David Henry- Environmental Portrait
  • Chloe Rathbun & Hannah Locke- Photo Story
  • Eleanor Cook- Breaking News Coverage 
  • Wolfgang Madonia- Human Interest Feature
  • David Henry- Personality Profile
  • Eleanor Cook- Diversity Coverage
  • Thea Pipe- Environmental, Health or Science 
  • Cavan Helms & Zachary Eldred- Sports News Story
  • Catherine Frink- Comic Strip
  • Jessica Torres Martinez- Comic Strip
  • Connor McBride- Feature Columnist
  • Aanje Greymountain- News or Feature Social Media Coverage 
  • Isabella Figueroa, David Henry & Wolfgang Madonia- Social Media Video
  • Destiny Gutter, Josephine Velo & Foster Neve-Jones- Video Interview


Yearbook Awards

First Place Awards

  • Cassidy Conley- Endsheet
  • Clara Garcez- Feature Writing- Organizations
  • Sophia Talo- Feature Writing- Sports
  • Ella Boyea and Mara Vanderbeek- Student Life Spread
  • Isabela Neves Cordeiro- Academics Photo
  • Rachael King- Organization, Club, or Performance photo

Second Place Awards

  • Rachel King- Feature Writing- Student life
  • Brandi-Rose Phiri- Feature Writing- Academics
  • Amelia Isacksen- Feature Writing- Sports
  • Jessica Gray- Academics Spread
  • Sophia Talo- School Spirit Photo

Third Place Awards

  • Alyson Kemery- Feature Writing- Organizations
  • Rachael King, Sophia Talo & Jack Novotny- Caption Writing
  • Cassidy Conley- People Spread
  • Isabela Neves Cordeiro- Graphics
  • Mara Vanderbeek- Mod or Sidebar Coverage 
  • Cassidy Conley & Mara Vanderbeek- Cover
  • Cassidy Conley- Division
  • Hailey Yoder- Colophon

Honorable Mention Awards

  • Cassidy Conley & Staff- Index
  • Alyson Kemery- Feature Writing- Student Life
  • Tony Parlato- Feature Writing- Academics 
  • Amelia Isacksen, Alyson Kemery & Isabela Neves Cordeiro- Headline Writing
  • Connor Rafferty & Sophia Talo- Headline Writing
  • Hala Alhasan, Connor Rafferty & Dylon Kelley- Caption Writing
  • Arianna Lamper- Sports Spread
  • Jayda Smith- Organization Spread
  • Jayda Smith- Graphics
  • Lily DeAnda- Sports Action Photo
  • Hailey Yoder- Sports Feature Photo
  • De’azia Rushing- Sports Feature Photo
  • Jayda Smith- Portrait or Personality Photo
  • Cassidy Conley- Portrait or Personality Photo
  • Mara Vanderbeek- Academics Photo
  • Jayda Smith- Organization, Club, or Performance Photo
  • De’azia Rushing- School Spirit Photo
  • Isabela Neves Cordeiro- Mod or Sidebar Coverage 
  • Cassidy Conley & Mara Vanderbeek- Theme Development
  • Cassidy Conley- Opening and Closing