State Runner-up Forensics Multiple Returns for Revenge


Photo by: Josh JohnsonThe forensics multiple team rehearsing their piece, Jersey Boys. The team rehearses an average of three hours a week.
Photo by: Josh Johnson
The forensics multiple team rehearsing their piece, Jersey Boys. The team rehearses an average of three hours a week.

Most people when they think of forensics think of a scientist poking at a dead body.  But there are actually two different types of “forensics,” and with the Loy Norrix forensics team I’m referring to, everybody is alive.

Forensics is best defined as competitive speaking and acting.  There are two main categories within forensics: Dramatic Interpretation, and Public Address.  Dramatic Interpretation (commonly referred to as DI) requires more acting while Public Address (PA) focuses more on delivering speeches and formulating ideas.

Under both categories combined there are twelve events students can compete in:

Dramatic Interpretation Events

Public Speaking

Dramatic Interpretation












Senior Robbi Cook is the captain of the Multiple team and has been on the forensics team since his freshman year.  “Multiple Interpretation is where a team of 3-8 people interpret a story, usually a play or a musical, in 15 minutes or less. It is an extremely intense, yet fun event to compete in,” explained Cook.

Last year Loy Norrix’s Multiple was the play “Eurydice.”  The Multiple received first place at regionals and finished second in the entire state.

“Our team is coming back strong, and in the next few years, we are going to be one of, if not, the best school around,” said Cook.

This years multiple is “Jersey Boys,” and they are excited with the results of their first tournament.  The first tournament of the year was Saturday March 2, and the multiple received first place.

Senior Nils Miron is the captain of the Public Speaking side of forensics.  “Last year was my first year on the team, and I decided to do the event Oratory, which is an original persuasive speech of 7-10 minutes in length. I took third at regionals and then went to the State Finalist tournament,” explained Miron.  Miron made it to semi-finals to start off this season.

The public can come to any forensics tournament and sit in and watch the  performances. The tournament dates are:
March 9- Portage Northern High School

March 16- Holland High School

March 23- Mattawan High School

April 13- Regionals at Portage Central High School

May 3 & 4- States at Oakland University

If you would rather not travel to these tournaments, the Loy Norrix Forensics team will also hold a “Forensics Knight” where a variety of events and students will be showcased here at Loy Norrix sometime in April or May.  The exact date for “Forensics Knight” has not been decided yet.  This event also serves as a fundraiser to help the forensics team pay for their entry fees to all of the season tournaments.

“Anyone who can talk should join,” said Miron.  “It is a great way to improve not only your writing and acting but also overcome the fear of speaking publicly, and can improve your confidence.”

Unfortunately it is too late to join the forensics team this year. They have been rehearsing since November!  Checking out a tournament or “Forensics Knight” would be a great way to find out if forensics is for you for the 2013-2014 season.