Principal Rodney Prewitt Gives Surprise Visits


Photo by Ronniqua Phillips
Rodney Prewitt enjoys the new life as Loy Norrix new principal. Interested in getting to know more of Norrix, he takes the time to introduce himself to many students as he passes by and makes surprise visits to new and returning teachers classes here at Loy Norrix.

Changes are happening at Loy Norrix. Two new administrators are in charge. In walks the new principal, Rodney Prewitt; formerly principal of Beecher Middle- High School in Flint, Michigan. Since 2009 for seven years, he has worked as a school administrator in Alabama and Georgia. Forty-nine year old Prewitt views his school, seeing how everything is working out so far.

He regularly visits different classes, checking in, introducing himself to those who don’t know him yet. As I sat in first hour, public speaking, the clock ticked for every passing minute. The assignment of the day was to give a speech introducing ourselves. Principal Prewitt walked in with a smile, sitting down next to one of the students, elbow to elbow. Watching everyone introduce himself or herself, Principal Prewitt volunteered to go next. Prewitt got up and stood in front of the class. Students gave full attention to hear how he was going to start. I could instantly tell he was a bit nervous. Who wouldn’t be, when all eyes are on you like a fish in a tank with all of those big human eyes starring directly at you?

Prewitt began by introducing himself as the new Principal of Loy Norrix and then informed the class on how he had gotten back surgery right before the start of the school year. After that, he told us his opinions on the words awesome and average.

“When people ask you something like, how was your day but don’t look at you and keep walking by, that’s average. Awesome is based on effort you put into something…it’s about the connection. If you say something, mean it from the heart. So I tried speaking from the heart instead of from something written down, or use something from your imagination. Now that’s awesome, to put effort into something. I want to be awesome and people around me to be awesome as well,” said Prewitt.

Prewitt is bonding with the students, and students are pleased with his approach. “He’s really nice, you can tell he’s building relations with people,” said junior Electra Brown. There are approximately twenty-six new teachers this year and they’re giving their effort and time to set the best goals for their students. Being the new principal, Prewitt is setting standards for the teachers by giving off a good vibe to everyone and having strong connections with people. Principal Prewitt said, “Well, I have not been in the new teachers’ classes and here’s the reason why, I want them to come in here to build their own foundations and make that connection with their students without the principal looking over their back, so when I do come in I can give them better and true feedback.”

Economics teacher Ryan Allen, who’s taught at Loy Norrix for eight years, is pleased with Prewitt’s introduction. “ I think he’s doing a good job, no, a great job. He walks around and absorbs and comes in to many classes.  He came into my class and introduced himself to me and we talked. I noticed he’s getting to know teachers, personally. He’s a wonderful principal for us.” Principal Prewitt wants all his students to be successful and to help and connect with families. Prewitt said, “It’s important for my students to know that we’ll bend over backwards to make sure good happens, and we’ll do everything to piece the family together or that child, and that we at least gave it a good Loy Norrix try.”