Teachers use Social Media to Improve Student Participation


by Emily Jackson
by Emily Jackson

Social media was originally used to communicate with family and friends that were seldom seen. Within the past few years, it has developed into a go-to for almost everything. Teachers have begun using Remind101 and Google Voice to communicate with their students.
These forms of social media are used to share the homework for the day or reminders of tests and field trips. Teachers are not the only ones using social media for school purposes. Students have begun making Facebook and Twitter pages to keep friends and peers up to date on what is going on at Loy Norrix.
Senior Genna Perry has been in multiple Advanced Placement (AP) courses where class Facebook pages have helped her keep her grades up. She is currently a member of an AP Latin and an AP Physics group on Facebook where students ask and answer questions about homework for studying purposes. It’s also a place where students can go to when they are absent for a day.

Classes aren’t the only things being monitored by social media.
Senior Alex Babbitt is currently the National English Honors Society’s Technical Liaison, meaning that he deals with all of the club’s social media. He has created a Facebook and Twitter page, but since that turned out unfruitful he decided to turn to the teachers’ way of doing things. He is creating a Remind101 and is using a website made by the club’s advisor, Brianna English. He uses social media to keep people updated with meetings and fundraisers.
Math teacher Adam Hosler has been using a form of social media called Remind101 for the past year. He had been looking for a safe way to communicate with his students for awhile when he came across the website. Created by teachers, Remind101 is a place where students sign up for their class by phone or email. Students cannot reply to the teachers, and teachers do not have access to the students phone numbers. Hosler has come to realize that not only does this help remind his students about homework and tests, but it also keeps himself planning ahead. He has noticed the trend of how many teachers are now using it and how many students and even parents depend on it has grown significantly over the past year.
With students constantly on their phones, using facebook, twitter or texting we have had to move to a society that embraces social media. Social media seems to be the only way to contact high school students efficiently.