Sophomore Finds Herself Through Many Forms Of Expression


Skye Vescoso writes a poem in her free time. She has 3 notebooks full of her poems now. Photo credit: Anna Yudina
Skye Vescoso writes a poem in her free time. She has 3 notebooks full of her poems now.
Photo credit: Anna Yudina

Skye doesn’t talk a lot. She prefers to be quiet, but when she enters the room, everybody looks at her. Green hair and unusual outlook make this sophomore unique.

“It was more than words,” Skye said. “I’m not very good at expression.”

She doesn’t need to say anything. Her appearance, hobbies and tastes can tell us more.

This shy girl stays away from big crowds because of her reserved nature. It’s good to have friends, but sometimes things don’t work out.

“One day they said that they were your friends. Another day they weren’t,” Skye said. “They can betray you, runaway or just die.”

Unfortunately, Skye faced one of those problems in the past. Her grandmother was her best friend. Skye could share everything with her. Grandmother supported Skye in all her endeavors, but Skye was in 5th grade when she died because of an accident. This shy girl stopped crying a long time ago.

“Everyone’s is going to leave,” she said. “It’s the matter if you are ready to let them.”

After that Skye started to write a lot because she needed to share her thoughts with somebody. Writing became her friend.

“It won’t go. It will be with you forever,” Skye said. She enters another world when she is writing. This world is pure.

“A bubble, a world.

The place I can be me

no hiding, no maskes. [sks]

I lay bare on the pages.

Look upon the lines and you see my soul.

All my flaws are what built me. Weakness

only leads to braveness.

My insides are what lies on the outside.

Reality covers me, the materialized falsities.

What I see, only my eyes hold.

A different air covers me when I cross into my own world.

A world of wounders and truth

of mystery and love.

Of fantasy and insanity.

A world I call my home,

instead of one I’m forced on.”

Skye has found writing as an excellent way of expression. Everything began from writing, and Skye didn’t stop.

She wanted to show her emotions so she started playing musical instruments. Skye is learning to play guitar now. Also she used to play drums, piano and trumpet.

Skye dyed her hair green because she wanted to change something. At first she did that in August. At the beginning she thought that was not for a long time, but then she dyed it again when the color washed out.

Many teenagers face misunderstanding with parents and adults when they make unconventional choices in their appearance. Skye don’t have such problems.

“My family is on rock,” she said. Her uncle encourages her in unusual changes. Her mother believes in her self-expression and helped her with dying her hair. Her family members listen to the same music. They have interests in common. They are a unique friendly unit.

Skye Vescoso is one kind of person that shows us that it isn’t very important to talk a lot. You can be bright person even if you are not good at expressing your thoughts verbally.