Joking Gifts


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        Receiving a gift that you always wanted is really cool. Friends and family can be amazing and go the extra mile to get what you want and then there’s some that will go an extra mile to get a laugh at you or with you. Here are some ways to jokingly prank a friend or a family member with gifts:

1- Give them an empty box which is supposed to have something they always wanted, like an empty PS4 box. To make this funnier you can add the different prices for the item.

2- Give them food. Give them something funny like a sandwich or fruit.

3- A gift which does not represent the person’s gender will make a good joke. For example, give a shirt with a pony graphic to a guy. This might work better on males rather than females.

4- A huge box which has many other boxes or layers that will take a long time to unwrap. Give them something they always ask for that is little, like gum.
5- If this is for a kid, clothes are the way to go. Be sure they aren’t just normal clothes, they have to be something like socks or XXL underwear.

6- Let’s make the gift educational for parents who want to teach their kids a lesson for bad behavior or not so good grades. Making their kids believe that they just got their dream gift when it’s an empty box grade report sheet gift followed by, “You’d better get those grades up” will make a great statement.

7- Go big or go home and wrap the whole thing. This might not be a gift, but it still can be used. Wrap someone’s apartment or room completely.