Class of 2014 Graduation Ceremony


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We all had that moment in the beginning of freshman year when somebody in our lives told us that high school would go by quick and all you did was laugh in discontent thinking to yourself how could that possibly be true. Four years is a long time and then in a blink of an eye you are walking around the Wings Stadium arena while all eyes are on you in a graduation robe. On June 5th, 2014, 247 seniors of Loy Norrix High School graduated at Wings Stadium. One by one seniors walk up to the stage preparing for what would be their very last memory of high school, receiving a high school diploma.

Finally the four years of studying, school work and waking up early is coming to an end, all this dedication and hard work from these four years isn’t just about the piece of paper you get handed to you, it is also about the experiences you had and the people you met and the friends you made. The Class of 2014 is done with high school, but this ceremony isn’t about just saying goodbye, it is also about saying good luck because the class of 2014 is still going to study, have homework and get up early for college classes and careers.
Graduation started with Principal Prewitt welcoming everybody. Students Grace Santamaria, Daniel Haw, Abigail Danek, and Twyla Leatherman spoke for the class.
Seniors Joe Boggan, Andy Santamaria, Dominque Thompson, Kyra Willams, and Rosemary Larry created a senior video that recollects the school year and says thank you to the donors of The Kalamazoo Promise and the opportunity it gives to students.
Graduation ended with the class of 2014 singing the Loy Norrix school song for the last time all together.