Winter Comes Again: Game of Thrones Returns for a Fifth Season


GameOfThronesLogoMillions of people across the world were sitting on the edge of their seats this past Sunday as they tuned into one of television’s most notoriously unpredictable hits “Game of Thrones.” The wildly successful HBO program is a low fantasy epic which focuses on a collection of noble families and their ruthless schemes to control the throne of the mythical land of Westeros.

Based on the “A Song of Ice and Fire” novels by George R.R. Martin, the television show has now reached its fifth season, and shows few signs of losing momentum. The popularity of both the books and the show stem from the incredibly detailed characters and ridiculously shocking plot twists in which said characters meet gory ends.

The stellar cast of “Game of Thrones” has always done a phenomenal job of creating palpable emotions coupled with intensely realistic personalities, and this season appears to be no exception.

The premiere begins with a look into the grief-stricken lives of the somewhat vile Lannister clan, a powerful family shattered by a recent string of tragedies. The story then proceeds to address the struggles of the young queen Daenerys, who is endeavoring to raise a brood of quickly growing dragons. We also received brief  glimpses at the new developments in the lives of the endangered remains of the honorable Stark family.

As per usual, the writing of the show is incredibly sharp, and the actors deliver their lines with a conviction and feeling that sends audience members straight to Westeros. For a TV series, the set, costumes, and special effects employed in “Game of Thrones” never fail to impress. This episode included several meticulously crafted iconic landmarks and a horde of fire breathing dragons.

Of course, the premiere was not without faults. Compared to the nail-biting action of the last couple seasons, this episode was markedly more sedate, with very little excitement taking place. The last season also began to deviate quite a bit from the books, much to the chagrin of some of the series’ most diehard fans, and the premiere certainly indicates more alterations, omissions, and truncations are to come.

While the premiere definitely lacked the excitement of some of the show’s more episode such as those involving The Red Wedding or The Battle of Blackwater, it contained promising content. The section of the source material from the books which “Game of Thrones” is currently drawing from is a bit dry and slowly paced, but there is definitely some deliciously jaw-dropping events which will happen soon. The cast and crew have certainly showcased their unparalleled ability to bring this fantasy world to life once again, and viewers are most anxious to see what will happen next. For those of you who would like to experience this show from the beginning for a remarkable value, HBO Now is currently offering a one month free trial membership for new subscribers with Apple devices.