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“We are no longer asking for change, we are demanding it”: Loy Norrix students protest the murder of George Floyd

Loy Norrix students Owen Quayle (left) and Clara Moss (right) stand in front of the Radisson Plaza Hotel downtown. They are protesting the unjust murder of George Floyd at the hands of police officers.

Hannah Locke, Staff Writer

June 4, 2020

On June 1st in downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan, thousands of people gathered and protested in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement. They were demanding justice for George Floyd, a 46 year old black man who was brutally murdered at the hands of four police officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Of...

Staying entertained at home: Music and podcast recommendations

Staying entertained at home: Music and podcast recommendations

Hannah Locke, Staff Writer

June 4, 2020

Crafts, books, and spending time with your loved ones are a few ways to pass the time. Another way to stay entertained while also keeping your mood up is listening to music or podcasts. Apps like Spotify and Apple Podcasts offer free listening to everyone who is able to sign up.  Music is seen as ...

The environmental impacts of quarantine are not what we thought they were

The Kal-Haven trail is a great way to spend time in nature over quarantine.

Hannah Locke, Staff Writer

May 31, 2020

In the first few weeks of the quarantine caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, pictures and articles showing clean canals in Venice, Italy, reduced air pollution in over-populated cities, and free, unharmed wild animals were going viral. This information sparked some hope among many humans around...

Students Show Incoming Freshman A Little Piece of Norrix

Students Show Incoming Freshman A Little Piece of Norrix

Jaelyn Anderson

May 24, 2019

Every year Loy Norrix has incoming freshmen from Maple Street and Milwood middle schools come visit the school to get an idea of what high school will be like. Administrators explained all the opportunities that Norrix offers, many groups preformed for them and they got a tour of the school. The middle...

ADHD: To Add More Adderall or to Reduce the Ritalin

ADHD: To Add More Adderall or to Reduce the Ritalin

Raili Nelson

February 15, 2018

The slight buzz of the rectangular fluorescent lights echoed, a soundtrack to the mix of beige and gray colors found throughout the office. I sit on the modest chair waiting for my mother to bring me the medication I forgot to take. I suffer from ADHD, or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, a...

Defeat the Stress of Exams

Senior Giovani Diaz studies for final exams in teacher Rebecca Laytons class. Diaz looks over his notes and focuses so that he can do good on exams. Photo Credit / Meghan Lewis

Meghan Lewis

March 8, 2017

Exam week can be the most stressful week in the trimester and it's quickly approaching. Not only do exams decide your final grade, but they can determine if you pass the class or not by counting 20 percent towards your grade at the end of the trimester. Teachers pass out review packets so that students...

DECA is on The Rise at Norrix, and They Mean Serious Business

DECA is on The Rise at Norrix, and They Mean Serious Business

BKeon Foster II

February 14, 2017

"What's DECA?" "Oh, that's just one of those after-school groups." Not so fast, the Distributive Education Clubs of America, also known as DECA, have prepared emerging high school/college leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management all around the world for ...

Fundamentals of Health Science

Senior Grace Ritchie focuses on correct application and removal of personal protective equipment. Mrs Kuzmick watches Grace to make sure she knows how to put it on correctly and makes sure it's tied right. “Putting on the PPE was difficult but all the practice helped a lot,” said Ritchie. Photo Credit / Meghan Lewis

Meghan Lewis

November 29, 2016

  Fundamentals of Health Science is an Education for Employment (EFE) class taught at Kalamazoo Valley Community College. The class is for juniors and seniors in high school who are looking to go into the medical field. The class is taught by Cheryl Tiernan and Mrs. Kuzmick and helps prepare st...

Taking Time Off Adds Time On

Waking up from anesthesia and I took a picture of myself. I don’t remember taking the photo but it represents how

Erika Wagoner

November 18, 2016

  I was patiently waiting in the doctor’s office to schedule the time for my upcoming surgery. I was going to get my tonsils and adenoids removed. The sooner the better, I think to myself. Now, the danger of surgery comes to mind. Then the worry of missing two weeks of school due to the surgery a...

Growing Up in Post 9/11 America

Sidney Richardson

September 26, 2016

“I was a freshman in high school, I was at my locker and some kid told me what happened and all we did for the rest of the day was watch the news,” said English teacher John Kreider. The events of September 11th, 2001 forever changed the course of the United States. The hijacking of three planes by te...

Letters to the Editor, in Response to Issue 5

Grace Marshall

June 14, 2016

Letters to the Editor Publication Policy: If you have an opinion about an article in our paper or something we’ve said, write to us! Your letter to the editor must be 250 words or less and must contain your (the author’s) name, grade, third hour period, and ID number. Guest columns and personal opinio...

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