GradPoint Helps Students Retrieve Credits

GradPoint is an online class to let students from freshman year to senior year retrieve credits that students from failed to get for required classes. This online class can only be taken if your counselor signs you up for it. GradPoint  has almost every course imaginable, ranging anywhere from freshman English to pre-calculus.
There is no teacher guiding you through the course, it is a self taught class. Therefore, you can work as slow or as fast as you want to. For your final exam you must get an 80 percent or higher or else you will not be able to retrieve the credit you’ve been working on.
You can take however many classes to get the amount of credits you need to stay on track to graduate. This class can be taken during any hour in Coach Mahar’s room or in room K15 after school. Loy Norrix is not the only school taking advantage of this program.
Kalamazoo Central and Phoenix also have GradPoint available to their students
“GradPoint is a great opportunity for students to retrieve a credit that they need to graduate. But, it does take a lot of self-discipline to stay focused on a course,” said Coach Mahar, instructor for GradPoint.
Because you cannot walk the stage to graduate without finishing and passing all of your classes, seniors who might have been playing around too much in their GradPoint classes will start to fill in after school so they can finish on  time.
“I’m grateful for GradPoint so that way I won’t be forced to become a super senior next year. I’m thankful for this opportunity so I can stay on track to graduate,” said senior Alayna Kopec.
Despite the fact that it usually takes weeks to finish any course and the high pressure for seniors to finish their online courses so that way they can graduate, if you have self-discipline and the desire to to stay on track for graduation then you can successfully complete your GradPoint class in a timely fashion.