TV Characters that Should be President Before Donald Trump

Jordan Brown

BeFunky Collage
There is a major controversy in the upcoming presidential election, and his name is Donald Trump. Trump is primarily known for being a successful businessman, however, he has decided to run for president. Trump has made major waves, and the thought of him becoming president has sparked much hatred. So let’s meet the candidates that could be better for president than Donald Trump.
First up, we have the fun loving Spongebob Squarepants. Squarepants would make a great president because of his infectious laugh, his award-winning smile. Who wouldn’t want the best fry cook in the sea to run our country?
But what are his policies? What does he stand for? Squarepants would stand for a higher minimum wage. Many times in the show, we see Spongebob ask Mr. Krabs for a raise, but it never happens. Squarepants lives paycheck to paycheck. He doesn’t have much money for fancy things, as we can see by the simplicity of his house.
In a recent article, ran by “Time” magazine, we got an inside look at Donald Trump’s’ extravagant house.
Squarepants would also be a huge advocate for equality. Many times throughout the show, he preaches that we should love everyone just the way they are. Spongebob himself is an outcast, but he loves being weird and everyone who has wronged him.
The next candidate is Donald Duck. Duck is normally remembered for his bad attitude,  squeaky voice and his fun loving personality. Does this old duck have what it takes to be president?
Well if you think about duck, the next thing you would think about is Daisy Duck. Daisy and Donald have been together for as long as they have been on screen. He loves her, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to be a good president. Consider this, whenever Daisy isn’t around, he’s grumpy and mean, however, when she comes around and starts telling him what to do, he snaps right out of it and starts doing what she says. Donald is fantastic at taking direction and that is what this country needs. A president that does what needs to be done as opposed to acting out his own personal agenda is a rare treat. Plus his hair is better than Donald Trump’s!
Our next hopeful president is none other than Zack Martin from the “Suite Life of Zack and Cody”. This troublemaker definitely doesn’t seem like the best candidate, but think of all the things that could come out of him being president.
His overall attitude is very carefree. He also is very good at learning quickly. At one point during the series, Zack and Cody open a club for teens in the hotel. Zack ran that club like a seasoned veteran, even though he had never done anything like this before. He would be able to quickly learn how to deal with this very touchy country and that’s half the battle right there.
How about some girls though. A great female candidate would be Maddie Fitzpatrick from Suite Life as well. Fitzpatrick is a person that abolishes stereotypes. She is one of the few smart blondes depicted on television and has a strong work ethic. Between being a successful student, working at the hotel, and dealing with Zack and Cody, she has her hands full, but still manages to do it all.
What is her political stance? Well women’s rights is the obvious one. She is a very strong female leader. Her ability to juggle all the different things in her life is one indicator of that skill. Another would be the fact that, in a predominantly male show, she almost always seems to be the one to hold things together.
Another fantastic female candidate would be Hannah Montana. Why would a mediocre pop star be a good candidate? She’s really good at keeping secrets. Which is what all politicians do nowadays anyway.
Past her supreme secret keeping ability, Montana would stand against big business. In her time on screen, we see that she likes to do things by herself. She got famous by herself, much like Drake, she did it without a deal. She would give the states more power than the federal government.
Montana would also have a strong campaign for women’s rights. Her character throughout the show is shown as empowering to young girls. They look up to her and idolize her. A president that is idolized, especially by the younger generation that will rise up to run the country, will be a good president.
The last candidate is Alex Russo from “Wizards of Waverly Place”. Russo is a witch, so obviously with one flick of her wand she could fix the country, right? Wrong! Nonetheless, Russo could be a fabulous president. Russo isn’t the smartest, she doesn’t like to follow rules, and she definitely isn’t a good leader; however, she has a great heart and she does what needs to be done when it’s crunch time.
Russo would be a very liberal president. She would stand for the legalization of marijuana and would be pro-choice for abortion. She wouldn’t want to hold anyone back from doing anything that they really wants to do.
Presidential elections are a time of propaganda, name calling, and massive amounts of stress for everyone. Between the ads on TV, and the debates, who are we to believe? But with these familiar faces, we would feel more comfortable with our vote.
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