About Knight Life


Knight Life is a student produced publication that has been reporting the news for 55 years.  The views expressed on the site do not represent those of the school, school district or school faculty members.

Issues are published five times per school year and the website updates regularly with articles and information beyond the print publication.

To get involved in Knight Life, take the pre-requisite journalism class and then enroll in the Loy Norrix Advanced Journalism class.  This class counts as an English credit your senior year and also as a fine arts credit.

Knight Life Web Editorial Board:

Editor-in-Chief: Nora Hilgart-Griff

Web Editor-In-Chief: Grace Marshall

Assistant Web Editor: Magdalena Lager

Layout Editor: Rachel Zook

Layout Assistant: Hannah Pittman

Photo Editor: Christian Baker 

Assistant Photo Editor: Izze Fahl

Staff Photographers:  Zach Liddle & Jakia Edmonsun

News Editors: Sidney Richardson & Henry Snapp

Feature Editors: Meghan Lewis & Emma Whitehead

Opinion Editors: Dennasia Dixon & Isaac Rubin

Sports Editors: Abby Farrer & Griffin Conley

Arts and Entertainment Editors: Jonnie Palone & Bailey Handley

Chief Copy Editors: Dagnija Tomsons & Griffin Conley

Copy Editors: Morgan McCue & Chloe Lupini

Graphics Editor: Keon Foster

Assistant Graphics Editor: Zach Liddle

Social Network Team: Michaela Whalen & Veronica Verity

Business Manager: Frankie Stevens

Assistant Business Managers: Bill Bowser & Jaelyn Anderson

Staff Writers: Sydnee Arrasmith, Sarita Nieminen, Max Link, Erika Wagoner, Sebastian Rodriguez


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