Monday, January 6, 2020

The class of 2021 executive board members will have a short but fun meeting today after school in C14 to look at designs that need to be done, snacks that need to be eaten and schedules that need to be shared.

Attention Students – please check your email every morning! If you receive a lunch or after school detention, it will be communicated by email the day before, to give you time to make arrangements to be there. Eventually, we will be phasing out the daily slips delivered to you during 2nd hour. Emails are sent to students and robocalls are made to parents the night before. Failure to check these communications and failure to show to scheduled detentions will result in an escalation of consequences.

It is almost Lacrosse season! To prepare for a successful season there will be conditioning every Monday through Thursday from 4:30 – 6 pm located at Maple Street Middle school. Conditioning starts today, January 6. Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate in conditioning and to join the team!

Thank you to everyone who registered to compete for Loy Norrix esports this coming winter season. If you registered to compete in Fortnite, there will be a mandatory meeting after school in Mr. Greeley’s room, B13, on Wednesday, January 8, to talk about the upcoming season. See you there!

Attention Book Quiz Bowl Members: we will meet from 2:30-4:30 each Tuesday and Thursday in C13. Bring your annotation notebooks.

We will be instituting Saturday School. Students may be assigned to Saturday School for repeated violations and other infractions. If you have been repeatedly asked to remove your hood, you will be assigned detention or Saturday School depending on the frequency of your violations. If it’s a habit to pull your hoodie up, break the habit – don’t wear a hoodie. Thank you for helping us with this safety issue that we have discussed multiple times.

Seniors, have you heard about Southwestern Community College? This college is located an hour away from Kalamazoo, and it is located in Dowagiac, MI. This college offers on-campus apartments and a 2 plus 2 program with Ferris State. Loy Norrix will be visiting Southwestern Community College on January 16. Please see Mrs. Soisson in K5E for permission slips and any questions.