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Musicians ‘Feel the Bern’ leading up to the 2020 Democratic presidential primaries

Rapper Cardi B interviews Democratic presidential nominee Bernie Sanders in the TEN Nail Bar in Detroit, Michigan. They bonded over their shared love for former U.S. president Franklin Delano Roosevelt and discussed issues plaguing our country today.

Elliot Russell, Editor-in-Chief

March 5, 2020

The buildup to the 2020 United States presidential election is well underway. The Democratic Party is bursting at the seams with nominees hoping to take on President Donald Trump in the primary election. An overwhelming number of prominent figures in the music industry have been outspoken on thei...

Volume 56, Issue 4

Volume 56, Issue 4

April 14, 2016

Bernie Rallies Supporters at Wings Stadium

Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders greets Kalamazoo before he starts his speech. He has just walked up to the podium. Photo Credit / Sophia Boismier


March 18, 2016

On Monday March 6, 2016, the day before the presidential primary election for Michigan, Senator Bernie Sanders stopped by Wings Event Stadium to speak to Kalamazoo. An estimated  32 hundred people showed. With the stadium doors scheduled to open at 7:30am, people arrived hours before, some even campin...

Joining the Political Revolution: Kalamazoo Residents March Downtown for Bernie Sanders

Joining the Political Revolution: Kalamazoo Residents March Downtown for Bernie Sanders

Nora Hilgart-Griff

March 8, 2016

Between fifty and sixty people marched down Michigan Avenue and through the downtown Kalamazoo Mall the evening of Friday, March 4th, carrying posters, banners and signs promoting presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (D, Vermont). As they walked, they could be heard chanting support for the candida...

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