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Senioritis Can Be Cured

Senioritis Can Be Cured

Erika Wagoner

March 28, 2017

As I sit in my seat, listening to Tisha Pankop talk to her journalism class, I struggle to pay attention. My mind wanders off to other things as I lose focus on the task at hand. As a senior almost done with the second trimester, “senioritis” is the biggest obstacle I have to overcome. According to ...

Running Fifty Marathons Before Fifty

Kelly Hinga running in the Rock n Roll Marathon.


May 7, 2014

On a billboard in her office is the mantra: “If you believe, if you work hard, if you smile, you can do anything.” Hanging on the billboard in her office are thirty medals. In a basket under the billboard, hidden behind a tree is a basket full of more medals, but “those are just from half-marathons....

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