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A nationwide epidemic: The criminalization of poverty and homelessness

A nationwide epidemic: The criminalization of poverty and homelessness

Chloe Rathbun, News Editor December 2, 2021

Across the United States, legislation is constantly being passed that directly targets people in poverty. Poverty is when an individual lacks the basic necessities to survive in a society. In the 2020...

Unused land stands in the Southside Neighborhood. According to Public Media Network, there are around 400 vacant parcels in Kalamazoo. Lots of this land is eligible to be repurposed or refurbished into usable housing.

We need to do more to provide affordable housing

August Crothers, Instagram Team December 1, 2021

On October 8th, KDPS officers entered the Ampersee Avenue homeless encampment with the intent to remove the residents. The resulting injuries, arrests, and displacements serve as an echo of the need for...

Portage Central Junior Hannah Huff browses a selection of $10 vintage t-shirts.

Vintage in the Zoo vendors speak on sourcing and sustainability

Milo Turner, Instagram Editor October 27, 2021

On October 9, from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. sellers and buyers alike met in the yard behind Anna Whitten Hall, brought together by their shared appreciation for decades-old clothing and furniture.  This event,...

Sophomore Lucy Langerveld poses with her skateboard. She has been skating for a little over a year.

Sophomore talks about being a female skater in the male-dominated skating world

Lucie Russell, Instagram Team October 26, 2021

When sophomore Lucy Langerveld watched a movie called “Skate Kitchen,” which showcases a group of skater girls in New York City, she was inspired to pick up skateboarding because she was seeking an...

The current logo for the Kalamazoo 48 Hour Film Festival.

Kazoo 48 Hour Film Festival 2021 gives aspiring filmmakers a new form of motivation

James Hauke, Multimedia Editor October 9, 2021

Today, the film industry can take years to complete a new movie; however, for aspiring filmmakers in Kalamazoo, it may only take 48 hours.  The Kazoo 48 Hour Film Festival is back for it’s 3rd year...

Seniors argue they shouldn’t have to take finals exams

Seniors argue they shouldn’t have to take finals exams

Ellie Haase, Social Media Editor May 25, 2021

“Final exams are unnecessary added stress for seniors who have already met the graduation requirements,” said senior Sean Mason.  Every year, like clockwork, there is often a debate among seniors...

Amy (Bella Ford) practices her technique to be more Zen.

The Loy Norrix theatre department stages a musical about the complexity of growing up

Melissa Preston, Chief Copy Editor May 11, 2021

“It's such a struggle to learn and perform an entire musical in basically just one month, but we did it and it is so gratifying to see it come together,” said senior Kamryn Kimbrough, an actor in the...

Loy Norrix senior Katie Kutzko gets her second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine at the Kalamzoo County Expo Center.

Ways to get a COVID-19 vaccine in the Kalamazoo area

Melissa Preston, Chief Copy Editor May 4, 2021

The COVID-19 vaccine is now available to all U.S. citizens ages 12 and above. The vaccine is free and there are three different varieties available. The Moderna COVID vaccine and the Johnson & Johnson's...

Prom 2019, a year very different from 2021. This year students will be socially distant but still able to have fun. Photo Credit, Esperanza Fraga

Prom on the Pavement gives seniors one last chance to let loose

Lilly MacInnis, Photo Editor/Social Media Team April 29, 2021

Every aspect of school is different this year. For one, this entire year is online, with no in-person classes being held at Loy Norrix. Another deviation from the norm will be prom. This year, prom will...

Dyami Hernandez, math and Latin teacher, feeling powerful after getting his COVID-19 vaccination.

Loy Norrix staff relieved to get COVID-19 vaccine

Stella Amy, Social Media Team April 16, 2021

“I felt incredibly safe during the whole vaccination process,” said LN teacher Sammy Simpson, “There were definitely tears of happiness at the site where I got my vaccine.”  The COVID-19 vaccine...

The musical theatre EFE kicking off their winter performance with a group number.

Education for the Arts and Career and Technical Education offer a great in-field learning experience for Kalamazoo youth

Sophie Grover, Arts and Entertainment Editor April 13, 2021

With college around the corner for most high school students, some are questioning their career path. Choosing a major can be quite difficult and it can determine the path for the rest of your life. Education...

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