Kids change their career dreams as they become teens


Credit: Kayla Hitchcock

Crystal Collier study’s the culinary arts in class. She dreams of being an excellent cook one day.

Kayla Hitchcock, Guest Writer

Every student had a dream job when they were younger, most likely as they have grown the dream has changed. Having a dream job when you were younger was fun. Imagine if that dream job wasn’t just a dream and you had that job.    

Most boys and girls have different interests. While many boys want to be a professional athlete, a doctor or a musician, most girls want to be a teacher, doctor or veterinarian, as seen in Childhood Dream Jobs [2021] a study by Bart Turczynski. 

Sure being a doctor or a teacher sounds fun, but sophomore Crystal Collier wanted to be a dancer as a child. When Collier was asked if becoming a teacher or doctor or a veterinarian was something she had thought about when she was younger, she did indeed think about it. 

She considered being a teacher, although she had thought about other occupations too. The idea of becoming a dancer is what really stood out to her. She wanted to be a dancer because it was in her nature as a kid to move. 

“I was a busy body. I moved and had fun, I even had a dance class,” said Collier.

Now as Collier has gotten older, she thinks she would like to be a baker and own her own little bakery. She also will enjoy a job where she can work alone because she has been around family for so long, she wants to go about things in her own way. 

“I like baking cakes and cooking foods,’’ said Collier.

Collier thinks that since she’ll work for herself, she can decide how much each baked goods and foods cost.

Collier’s plans to make her dream job a reality are working on self-improvement and getting into college. 

She doesn’t think anyone or anything could get in the way of her reaching this job. Collier thinks not letting anyone or anything get in the way of your dream job depends on your self-esteem and energy. 

Collier did know most kids’ dream jobs are becoming a teacher, doctor or a veterinarian. She also knows that childhood dreams are important.

Collier also believes you can be whatever you want if you really put your mind to it. 

This dream job of Colliers requires going to culinary school or participating in some culinary programs. 

Unlike Crystal Collier, sophomore Anavia Jackson wanted to be a movie star when she was a child. Jackson’s dream never changed, it just got a lot bigger and she expanded her dream.   

“I didn’t just want to be in any boring movie, I wanted to be in a spy movie,” Jackson said. 

Jackson has not yet looked into her dream job, as she’s waiting until she’s out of high school. 

“Life’s too short to just do one thing,” Jackson said. “Why not just do anything that comes to mind.” 

Jackson believes childhood dream jobs change because of growth in one’s mindset and maturity.

 The thought of becoming a teacher when Jackson was younger has crossed her mind. Although teaching seems cool, Jackson has continued to want to become an actress.

Jackson considered the little teaching experience, how it feels to teach a class instead of being in the chairs listening. She wanted to actually know why kids look up to teachers and allow them to teach a class. 

“For teacher appreciation week, I wanted to get candy from the kids,” said Jackson.

Most teens’ dream jobs change as they have gotten older.   When I grow up I want to be… by Hazel Ramsell states, ‘You’ll find it common for kids’ dreams to change as they grow.’

Some teens find it hard to do something they have dreamed about as a child, so they take a different path.   

Like sophomore Isaiah Ogutu, who wanted to be in the medical field as a child but didn’t want to go to school for more than 15 years.

 “I wanted to do something that I could determine now,” said Ogutu, referencing something he could start as soon as possible and stick with it. 

Ogutu wants to be in the aviation career where he can use his knowledge to go and be anything in the aviation industry. He can go be a pilot, a mechanic, or an engineer. With an aviation certificate, Ogutu could also go into flight control and even fly drones. He gets an early start to his adult life. 

You can be like Jackson and stick with your childhood dream job. You can also take the path Ogutu took starting early to be successful in the future. You should want to do a job you think would be a good fit for yourself. Something you like doing.