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Good news from around the world during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Center for Disease Control (CDC) Coronavirus graphic.

Clara Moss, Social Media

April 23, 2020

Even during a global pandemic, certain aspects of the world don’t change, some are even becoming more positive. Whether the environment or animals have been helped, humans have managed to brighten the world a little bit. BBC News reports that for the second time ever, a patient has been cured of HIV. The patient, A...

Stuck in quarantine and bored beyond belief: Baking bagels beats the quarantine blues

Baking Asiago Bagels with Samantha Shaffer.

Samantha Shaffer , Staff Writer

April 17, 2020

At this point, all of my days have blended into one. I rely on my phone to keep track of passing time and remembering what the date actually is.  The first week of this spontaneous break was blissful, but as the days passed I quickly ran out of ideas for activities to keep me busy. I found mysel...

A narrowed perspective on a larger household

Sophomore Jhoshua Iglesias (left) plans design project with his twin brother Isay Iglesias (right).

Anthony Herrera, Guest Writer

April 10, 2020

On an average day, sophomore Jhoshua Iglesias gets up to go to school with his twin brother. He’s careful not to wake his family members who are still sleeping. Iglesias  brushes his teeth, gets his clothes on and he’s off to school for the day. When he gets home from school, there can be a fai...

Knight Life welcomes guest educators from the Netherlands

Visiting educators from the Netherlands pose for a group photo after a conversation hour with Norrix's Knight Life. When these guests come in Knight Life switches to third lunch in order to accommodate their schedules.

Alexis Weeden, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

January 21, 2020

Knight Life welcomed some new guests into their classroom on Monday, December 16, 2019. The desks in K6 were pushed into a circle and the reporters’ lunch had been moved around to accommodate their presence. This is far from the first time Knight Life has had presentations from  reporters or e...

Digital Killed the Print Edition: Knight Life finds new life online

Digital Killed the Print Edition: Knight Life finds new life online

Riley Dominianni, Feature Editor

October 25, 2019

Since 1960, Knight Life has been the voice of Loy Norrix, sharing opinions, reporting news, and covering events in an iconic print newspaper. As cherished as it was by many teachers, students, and, of course, the staff of Knight Life, the 2019-2020 school year marks a big change for the publication...

Abstinence Over Education: Public Schools Need to Update their Sex Education Curriculum

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons.

June 13, 2019

By Lydia Snapp When I was eleven years old I asked my fifth grade teacher what an abortion was, and shockingly, she told me she couldn’t speak on the subject. Sex educators in Michigan preach abstinence over anything else, but teenagers should be taught how to practice safe sex, so they can m...

The Electoral College Should Stay

The Electoral College Should Stay

June 11, 2019

By Emma Borden The Electoral College, a key part of presidential elections, is a topic frequently debated, especially after controversial elections. However, it is an important part of U.S. history, and should not be eradicated. The Electoral College was created as a compromise meant to satisfy th...

Loy Norrix Journalists Take Big Steps at MIPA 2019

Loy Norrix Journalists Take Big Steps at MIPA 2019

Devon Gross

May 18, 2019

Each year, the Michigan Interscholastic Press Association holds a ceremony awarding various Michigan school publications and student journalists’ hard work and unique content they’ve published throughout the previous year. At the 2019 MIPA awards ceremony, there were a total of 4,112 entries submitted ...

Junior Loses the Kalamazoo Promise

Junior Loses the Kalamazoo Promise

May 9, 2019

By Dylann Meek “When me and my mother went to the office to change the address, that’s when the secretary told me I was out of district and would not get the [Kalamazoo] Promise,” said junior Nakia Brown. At the beginning of her junior year, Nakia Brown lost the Kalamazoo Promise after moving ...

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