The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

Knight Life

The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

Knight Life

The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

Knight Life

Freshman Isaac Rubin and Connor Doren show off their brilliance in a friendly game of chess. Students who are finished with classwork can continue to use their brains, but chess can also be a distraction for those who have assignments to complete.

Chess checkmates student focus: Late work and lack of moderation impacts students

Axel Herrera-Villalobos June 3, 2023

Online chess has taken the Loy Norrix community by storm, and it’s no surprise when some teachers use Classroom Relay to halt student matches, calling it their King's Gambit. Over the past few months,...

A phone sits on the table with the Instagram loading screen. Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps among teens.

Avoiding social media: six fun alternatives to improve your quality of life

Lexi Tuley, Graphics Editor, Tower Talk Team May 15, 2023

Phones are practically a necessity in modern-day America. They allow easy communication between people, access to an incredible amount of information and are generally an easy place to spend time with...

Student skips class during 3rd hour. Many student leave to skip class out of the lower K wing doors.

Loy Norrix teachers describe the negative effects of skipping on both staff and students

Sophia James, Guest Writer April 24, 2023

For most students, the mention of skipping class wouldn’t be anything new.  The number of students missing multiple weeks of school or just having unexcused absences is climbing.  In Grand Rapids...

This sign posted in the Loy Norrix parking lot reminds everyone that weapons are strictly prohibited on campus.  Many KPS schools have these signs outside their buildings.

After recent mass shootings, more people are on edge about gun violence in America

Miya Timmer, Staff Writer April 21, 2023

There were 127 mass shootings in the United States between Jan. 1 and Mar. 1,  of 2023.  That’s 127 mass shootings in only 90 days.  In 2022, around 4 people in the U.S were killed each day due to...

Junior Micah Johnson talks with his friends at the lunch table. Lunch is one of the many places where students interact and connect with one another.

Diverse Knights Unite: Students and staff appreciate the diversity at Norrix and come together as a whole

Alize-Juada Gonzalez, Guest Writer April 17, 2023

The Knights rise and unite, seeing people for who they are within, not for race or style! Loy Norrix is made up of students from different backgrounds. According to US News, 59.0% minorities and 41.0%...

Economics teacher Ryan Allen and junior Marcell Bell discuss classwork in Economics class. Allen primarily  teaches upperclassmen and has experience helping students who are preparing for life after high school.

Juniors work hard to prepare themselves for senior year

Nia Moncrief, Staff Writer April 7, 2023

Like Jenna Hamilton of the TV show “Awkward” says, “Junior year is like the Thursday night of high school. The beginning of the end.” Being a junior means that in your third year of high school,...

Isaac Patrick and Mr. Kitzman talk during Honors English class.

Students share the impact their teachers have on them

Krystiana Bernstein, Guest Writer April 5, 2023

You woke up late, skipped breakfast and forgot to do your homework last night. Not to mention you didn’t get much sleep either. To top it off you also have your least favorite subject first hour.  When...

9th grader Ashlyn Teal and others waiting for the bell in Mrs. Pankops 4th hour Journalism class. She is carrying her backpack with her KAMSC supplies.

Students comment on backpacks and what they carry

Thomas Shockey, Guest Writer April 3, 2023

It is a standard school day: people are going to class or hanging out in the hallways,  and many are tired and want to get home. However students are feeling about their day, there is one constant when...

Isabella Figueroa working on her project for advanced art for portfolio prep class. With two days left before its due, Isabella adds finishing touches.

Hobbies allow students to express themselves and school clubs help encourage that

Alice Damashek, Guest Writer March 27, 2023

Would you rather do homework or watch TV? If you're like Kaylissa Phillips, you would probably choose the latter. “In my free time I usually like to read manga, watch anime, or draw,” said Phillips.  Manga ...

Sophomore Jason Rocco tries to create space for an open shot against Mattawan high school.

How student athletes balance their work load with their sport

Samuel Schnell, Guest Writer March 23, 2023

Millions of students each year participate in a school sport. This commitment can take up free time causing students to not have time for schoolwork or other things they need to get done. Many student...

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The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community
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