Letter to the Editor – Nov. 9, 2016

Dear Editor,
I am proud that all of our varsity football players stand by choice for the National Anthem. I do feel if a person does not stand, it is showing disrespect for our country and the people in the military that have lost their lives and those still serving. I come from a strong military family, there are other ways to protest or to institute change, not by disrespecting the Flag or the Anthem. These two things have meaning to our country now and in the past. I feel that sometimes people forget the price paid for them.
I would like to think a person would stand out of respect if they were in another country and their National Anthem was played. You do not have to participate in singing, but you should stand quietly in respect. I have a friend that said she would not stand because of something that happened years ago. As I told her, nobody knows that story today, it was years ago when she was in college. Today, all it looks like is that she is disrespecting our country.
The first time I heard the song “I Am Proud to Be an American”, it brought tears to my eyes. I am proud to be an American! Even with all of the downfalls, we still have a great country. And I appreciate our football team is standing up during the National Anthem. Thank you team!
Ms. Wagenaar