New Knights Make a Giant Switch

BKeon Foster II

The Loy Norrix vs. Kalamazoo Central rivalry has always been a big deal, no matter the sport. If the two schools are playing each other, there will be a lot of people in attendance ready to support their side of town.
Once you’re enrolled in either school, it’s unlikely you’ll make the decision of switching to the other, and that’s just one of the effects of the rivalry between the two schools.
Central’s Giants often look down on Norrix athletes because of multiple losing seasons; therefore, you’d think it would be unlikely for someone from Kalamazoo Central (KC) to transfer over and play sports as a Knight. However, seniors William Wright and Takary Dreams are two new Norrix athletes who used to be Giants.
“I always wanted to be a Knight,” said Dreams.
Wright and Dreams, both three-year Giants, made the decision to play basketball as Knights this year.
“I feel like it was a good choice on my part to leave Central, ” said Wright, “I can already say that since being here it has been much better than Central.”
Since being at Norrix, Wright and Dreams have experienced nothing but good vibes from students and teammates.
“I am happy to finally be here this year,” said Wright, “I’m excited to be playing at Norrix and I feel we will have a good season this year.”
Senior players, Artevian Woodson-Brook and Darquarion Williams are playing their second year of varsity basketball this year.
“I like hooping with Will and Takary, they bring a lot to the team,” said Woodson, “They fit in like they’ve been playing all four years.”
“Norrix has been missing a few little pieces to complete their team, I feel like they’ll be good for the team,” said Williams.
Dreams considers himself a Knight now that he’s made the switch because of the great vibes he’s been feeling during his time spent at Loy Norrix.
“Central, it felt like everyone for themselves,” stated Dreams. “Norrix, the chemistry is more ‘We’re going to work together.’”
Both Dreams and Wright reported that Norrix is giving them a better opportunity at going to college. A relatively accurate claim being that Grant Mitchell (Loy Norrix alumni), one of the many superstars of the men’s 2015-2016 basketball team, has graduated and now plays for KVCC (Kalamazoo Valley Community College).
For the past three years, Norrix basketball has produced multiple college athletes who are playing basketball at the next level. Jevontae Hughes, also an alumni of Loy Norrix, has recently decided to play for a team overseas, which makes the switch a smart choice for both Dreams and Wright.
The main difference on the varsity team this year has nothing to do with the game plan, nor does it have to do with uniforms. The biggest difference this year is the chemistry between the players.
“We’re a lot closer to each other,” said Woodson-Brooks, “We continue to build more chemistry.”
With Wright and Dreams both playing for Norrix, the rival of their previous school, there’s likely going to be opposing opinions about the both of them making the switch.
“There are those few who have their opinions, but honestly, I didn’t care about their opinions,” said Wright.
Neither are bothered by opposing opinions, they appear to be somewhat comfortable with the fact that opposing players may be commenting on their decision. In fact one could say it’s almost like they have a body of knight armor around them.