Changing Classes can be a Good Thing

By Evelyn Banks

 It’s not easy being in a class of students you don’t know, better yet have never seen, especially when they are upper classmen. Even though I am a freshman, I feel I’m mature enough to fit in with these students; however, it would be nice to know at least one person in each class. On the flip side, sometimes not knowing anyone can be a good thing; it gives you a chance to meet new people.

“I don’t really like the new schedule,” said freshman Bryana Stewart, who has a different lunch 2nd trimester. “We don’t even have the same lunch period. Some people didn’t even pick the classes they got.”

It feels like the beginning of the school year all over again. I feel like the new kid because I’m not with any of my friends in most of my classes. We have to get used to our schedule, learning new ways around the school. Going down halls we have never been down and meeting teachers we have never met before. On the positive side, it gives us a way to get to know Loy Norrix a little more.

Teachers also have to adjust to the new schedule. “I like the blocks seem to long though,” said Jason Wagner, freshman biology teacher. Wagner continued, “Getting new students isn’t that bad. I have biology A and B, so sometimes I get the same students I had the last tri. A new student means new personalities.”

Some people like change. So even though we get switched out of classes we have just adjusted to or moved away from our friends, sometimes change can be good.