Too Much PDA In the Hallway


Photo illustration by Leah Rathbun

By Adam Kemp

Picture yourself walking the halls of Norrix. You’re just minding your own business, trying to get to your next class on time, and then a couple of people are blocking your path. The first thing you notice about them is that they’re making out. They are sucking each other’s faces in a hallway at Norrix, in the presence of dozens of other students.

Our school is supposed to be a place for kids to learn, not kiss each other. I’m not saying all public displays of affection are inappropriate for the school environment. A few people seem to share a similar idea of how much affection is too much at school.

Sophomore Corina Leppen said, “I think a quick little kiss can be okay, but when people make out in the hall for five minutes it’s gross.”

So holding hands and hugging and even a quick kiss aren’t inappropriate displays of affection, but kids shouldn’t be spending their passing time making out with each other.

Kissing at school is just plain weird. Loy Norrix isn’t exactly what most people would call ‘romantic’. It’s loud and full of kids as well as teachers, and it smells weird sometimes. Why do some students have trouble keeping their tongues to themselves for 7 hours?

Sophomore Roland Bissonnette said, “I think that couples making out in the hall don’t consider it wrong or weird. They just don’t care about what the people around them are thinking.”

I don’t care what Norrix couples do in their own privacy at all, but don’t bring it to school, please.