Loy Norrix Freshmen And JV Teams Lack Support


By Asia Davis

Jordan Taylor shoots the three pointer and . . . SCORES! And the crowd doesn’t go wild. As a matter a fact, there is no crowd. The attendance at the Loy Norrix Freshmen and Junior Varsity games and the small crowd consists of supportive parents and a few freshmen with nothing better to do. Other than that, the stands are empty.

“It hurts a bit that our stands are empty during our games. It feels like no one supports us,” said Jordan Taylor, Women’s JV player.

On the other hand the Varsity games have tons of enthusiasm. People pour into the Varsity games. School spirit is everywhere when it comes to our Varsity basketball team. But barely anyone can muster up the energy to even attend the freshmen and JV games.

“I don’t like going to freshmen and JV games, because they’re boring. No one shows up,” said sophomore Jared Graves.

Why don’t more people show up? The answer breaks down into two basic things. One, people are natural bandwagon jumpers. We’re quick to jump onto exciting, new, and winning teams. In order for the freshmen and JV teams to attract a major following, they would have to have a strong season, win the conference and be a real threat to compete for a state championship. Even then they’d have to do it consistently.

Two, some people don’t find those teams as entertaining. It’s not as fast paced as the Varsity basketball. There is no dunking or flashy highlight reel plays. Maybe if more people showed up and supported the freshmen and JV teams, they’d win also.

“I definitely think we’d win more if more people showed up to our games. I know personally I’d feel much more confident, and I know our team would feel more hype and motivated if it seemed like people actually cared if we won or lost,” said Taylor

So basically more people would come if they won more, and they’d win more if more people came. Which will come first?