Students Want More Coverage

Dear Editor,
I read “Renovations leave Loy norrix with a fresher and cleaner look.” It was pretty interesting learning about how the new windows/blinds were helpful to learning environment. I didn’t read all of the other articles, but the other ones I did read were very nicely put into action. One of my favorites was the one about classical music and asking students how they feel about it. One thing I didn’t like about the October Edition is now there was nothing involving the swim team and how well they’re doing this year. Like it’s 7-3 win-loss, and we’ve broken a few records for Loy Norrix swimming/diving.

  • Maya Mielke, freshman 

Dear Editor,
I really enjoyed this copy of Knight Life, and I thought it was really well put together. I thought Anna Kushner’s article about teacher contract negotiations was really well written and I really enjoyed Henry Snapp’s piece about Arabic speaking students at Loy Norrix. I especially enjoyed the article about J-Bird vintage because I thought it was really cute. I think it would’ve been really cool to hear more about why they choose to wear the clothes they do and how students choose to use their clothing to express themselves and what’s unique or interesting about vintage clothing.

  • Dear Editor,

I read the article “students go back to school with J-Bird vintage.” I like how Izze Fahl wrote about the students outfits and how much they cost. I think that the article would be better if instead of excluding hip/present day apparel they did all. Like J-Bird Vintage, present day clothes, classics, and maybe designer clothing brands like Gucci, supreme etc. I would much rather read about present/urban clothing.

  • Jorelle W., sophomore