Coach Farmer Brings Students Joy

Dear Sports Editor,
I like the article about the football team. The talk about Coach Farmer and how he brought guidance to the football team. The football team has improved so much this year, and the part about how Farmer brought something the team lacked for years I think is true. The team not only got better, I think people came closer and the team’s attitudes have changed in a good way.

  • Jordan Miller, sophomore

Dear Sports Editor, Jordan Cox,
On page 7, I noticed that Coach Farmer was on this page. I’m not a football player, but Farmer is a friend of mine. Even though he’s my conditioning teacher, Coach Farmer is a great motivating man, he also made our whole entire conditioning class more stronger mentally and physically. It is also nice to know he knows a little much of Louisiana as much as I do because he was born and raised there.

  • Elijah Davis

Dear Editor,
I read the article “A Man With a Plan: Loy Norrix Hires New Football Coach.” and I liked it because many kids Coach Farmer is sort of a mystery. This article lets students get a view of Coach Farmer and what his aim is at the school, and why he wants to help out our struggling football team.

  • Tristan Wheeler, junior

Dear Editor,
The part of the newspaper that I like is the “A Man With A Plan” section. What I liked about the section was the picture and the story. I’ve met  Coach Farmer before and he is a really good guy. I see him on the field and he pushes his players and motivates them to be better. What I really liked about the section was how Coach Farmer said if he goes to a big named school who wins all the time, the team will always think they’re going to win. But if he comes to Norrix he can build and construct the player to be able to get those wins up. On the other hand, I would like to see more pictures for this section.

  • Jordan Mabon-Cooks, sophomore

Dear Editor,
I read about the “Man With A Plan” article by Jordan Cox. I like how he highlighted Farmer’s past and how our football program was in need of a major coaching change because Farmer is definitely the one we needed.
Ian Burns, senior

  • Dear Editor,

I read about the new football coach, Terry Farmer. This coach has many feedback and awards for being able to turn around teams for the better. It seems to me that he wants the best for his team not only physically, but emotionally. He understands that these players love the game, and for so gives them the key and hopes to be better each time. Senior Xavier Gillon is a close friend of mine and he loves football, it’s part of him. We had a conversation about Terry Farmer. He told me that thanks to him the team was getting better. Also mentioned that practice was longer, the coach was making them put there all during practice so that game day would be perfect.

  • Jacquelyn Castillo, junior