Students Respond to Porco’s Memorable Quotes

Dear editor,
I really enjoyed reading the “Porco Approved” article. It truly made me laugh out loud. I personally think Knight Life should include more humorous material like that in the future, it makes news easier and more fun to read. But overall I think this issue of Knight Life did a really good job.

  • Emma Scheele, sophomore

Dear Editor,
I found the article “Porco Approved” to be very entertaining. I had Mr. Porco my sophomore year for world history and remember many of his humorous actions. It was a good trip down memory lane.
Will Briggs, senior
Dear Editor,
In regards to “Porco Approved” it was lovely. Keeping track of Porco quotes is a time honored tradition. It was certainly lovely to see them published. It reminded me of how much fun it was to be in a classroom with him. It was stuff like this that made taking such rigorous AP classes worth it. However, I think it would have been nice to see more than one quote from a former Porco student.

  • Izzy Wikle, senior