Successful Decisions: Deciding on a College will Impact Your Future in many Ways

Rebecca Taplin

Deciding on a college is one of the biggest decisions people make in their lives that will lead them to a successful career in the future. All colleges offer different programs and environments leading this choice to be quite difficult, so by visiting colleges you can find out what fits you best.
“I’ve visited Michigan University and I found out they have everything I need to obtain a criminal justice degree, therefore Michigan University is the college I want to go to. Along with the classes Michigan University is a large campus with a wide variety of space so everybody is not so cramped together,” said sophomore Kayla Kreutz.
Following up there are many different degrees to choose from such as: Nursing degrees, Social science degrees, Business degrees and Law degrees.
“I want to go to Kalamazoo Valley Community College and study psychology and neuroscience. I choose Kalamazoo Valley because it’s a lot cheaper than other colleges and if you do well at a community colleges, then other colleges are going to be more willing to accept you in the future,” said senior Caitlyn Moon.
Deciding on colleges can also be a very stressful time due to the financial perspective, which is why many people decide to start college at a community college and then transfer on later down the road.  
“I’m going to Kalamazoo Valley Community College for a year and a half to graduate with my associates degree in sociology and then I’m planning on transferring to Western Michigan University or Tennessee State University. Although, I have visited Tennessee State University and I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the campus and it’s an HBCU (Historically Black College University) which leads me to believe I will, more than likely, end up going there,” said senior CJ Washington.
Scholarships in sports and academics can help with the tuition of schooling after high school though so it’s always a benefit to play sports in high school. Senior Nuru Lewis said, “I’m going to Wayne State because because they have a good medical program and I want to get a degree in dermatology or physical therapy. Although, I haven’t worked towards a scholarship for sports I’m interested in continuing my basketball and track career because in high school it has helped me stay motivated.”
College is a great way to prepare for the future and become independent to start your life, so by finding the right college, you will set yourself for success.