Many New Faces in Midterm Election, Still Doesn’t Represent the Millennials

Brandi-Rose Phiri, Business Manager

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The United States just had a midterm election on November 6th, and many monumental milestones were reached. Thirty new women are coming into Congress including the fist lesbian, muslim and Native-American women. The Democrats took over the house, and in our own state of Michigan, marijuana was made legal.  
This is spectacular and America is taking great strides, but every time Congress takes one step forward they take one step back. The people who represent young people in government pass laws that affect today’s high schoolers and college kids, but our generation is not being accurately represented. Forty percent of the people in power are baby boomers. These are the people who need their kids to help them with technology. Having baby boomers in Congress is not going to help us in the long run because all of those people won’t have to deal with the repercussions of the laws they pass now. The base of people it will hurt is the young adults.
To be elected into Congress, the youngest ages you can be is 25-35 years, depending on if you’re in the House or Senate, but the youngest person elected into Congress is a newly elected 30 year old women and the oldest is 90.
President Trump, the one who signs off on everything, is 72 years old, and if you listen to even one of his speeches or look at his famous tweets, you will realize he hasn’t caught up to modern society.
Many of the movements that have been pushing to make a change more recently have been carried out by millennials. The “Me Too” movement is encouraging and fighting for women’s equal rights in the face of blatant sexual abuse and harassment in society. Another is the Black Lives Matter, a movement reminding everyone that there is still racism in the United States and that violence against black people won’t stand. Finally, young people are protesting gun violence. Many young people are going out and voicing their opinions, making it known that people shouldn’t have such easy access to guns.
“It’s hard for Congressmen to represent Generation Z, the high schoolers. If we don’t elect them then there’s nobody to truly represent us,” sophomore Claudia Ligman stated.
There are millions of other students that wish they could vote and get their message out there in a way that the government will actually listen.
There are some people who may say that the people in Congress do represent the majority and that they are experienced and are knowledgeable. It is true 85 members of the House and 15 members of the Senate have a master’s degree. Thirty-eight percent of the House and fifty-seven percent of the Senate have a law degree.
Having a degree helps to an extent, but Congressman are more focused on fighting for their own political party rather than fighting for the people.
According to the article, “When politicians and governments fail, people blame the other party no matter what they are told by experts.” it explains that seventy-five percent of experts blame the other parties legislatures rather than their own when a problem arises.
There are many people who have stayed up-to-date on everything going on in the country. This doesn’t mean they actually take initiative to do something about it. Make a change because actions speak louder than words.
So many things in today’s society are being questioned weather it’s climate change, immigration, the right to bear arms, and even our own President. People have started to speak out, the people who truly understand and see everything. Some have stated small by just making opinion column like this. The younger generations are all focused on change but in reality can’t be in Congress and pass laws we think will affect us positively. Even though we don’t have a say yet,  the people in government should be able to understand teens and be our voice in a place where we don’t have one.