Action: Students Direct One Act Plays

Justin Timmerman

Loy Norrix Students act out the second play in the one-act shows. In this scene the mother played by Breyon Richardson is protecting her restaurant 

The one-act play fest was a set of three plays that the Loy Norrix theatre department performed in front of a live audience in the Kasdorf Auditorium on Thursday, February 7th. All three plays were directed by students. The three student directors were seniors, Abigail Hauke, Rebecca Thompson and Jaylah Lewis. These shows displayed the genres comedy and drama.
The first production that was put on was a Shakespeare adaptation. Sophomore Keegan Cameron spoke on how he liked that about of the act.
“I really enjoy the acting aspect of everything and being part of a Shakespeare cast just grew with more development because everyone needs a little bit of Shakespeare in their blood,” said Cameron.
The second play was directed by senior Abigail Hauke. This play was about a small business owner whose daughter-in-law put the business up for sale. The lady who owned the business refused to let it be sold off. Drama then occurred between the owner, her son, and her step-daughter as well as the salespeople.
The third show had a slightly more weird sense of humor than the other two plays. This one-act was about a very awkward and unusual dinner party between two married couples. The play ended with it being revealed that the more abnormal couple were actually  aliens looking for a fit couple to raise their alien child to be able to live amongst humans. Senior Chris Aranda spoke on the weird humor used within this act.
“Being allowed to be weird with the show that we did really allowed us to break out of what we normally would have done as actors,” said Aranda
Senior director Rebecca Thompson shared how it felt to be a director of a play.
“I really wanted to see what directing was like, and it turned out to be a really good time.” Thompson continued, “My cast was really easy to work with. We kind of had the same vision for everything, and they’re funny people so it works because it was a comedy.”
Freshman Haulice Masterson enjoyed being directed by another student and had fun acting a role.
“I really like how it was student directed. It gives the students a chance to get that feel for being a director and the stuff that they go through, and it’s great being part of a really fun cast,” said Masterson.
Paige Carrow, the head of the Loy Norrix Theatre department, commends her student directors on the outstanding job they did.
Carrow said, “My favorite part of the one-acts were watching the student directors take charge and ownership when they were directing and watching their creativity blossom on stage.”