Knight Life

Allie Fried sets priorities for learning during her freshman year

Damarion Johnson, Guest Writer

February 27, 2020

There are lots of youngsters out there who really dedicate themselves to their work and spend their time achieving to the fullest degree to be successful in life. Others are commonly known as wild and obnoxious: Freshmen. New school, new environment, old mentality. At this point, everyone around you...

Freshman copes with mother’s death

Freshman Xavier Hegler leans in for a photo with his mother. It is pictures like these that he looks back on to be reminded of his mother.

Gaberiel Lubbers, Guest Writer

February 19, 2020

When Loy Norrix freshman Xavier Hegler was twelve years old, he went through something that no one should ever go through. On May 24, 2016, his mom died from a blood clot in her leg. A blood clot is a clump of blood that has changed from liquid form to a gel form. Clotting is a necessary process that c...

Freshman Hannah Locke opens up on her experience as a student athlete

Goalie, Hannah Locke, kicks the soccer ball out from the net. Hannah played a big role during a big away-match.

Adeline Turner, Social Media Team

February 18, 2020

Sports: a way to socialize and make friends, an outlet for stress teenagers across the country are feeling, and a way to work exercise into your schedule. However, sports aren’t all fun and games, they become more demanding as student athletes face numerous challenges presented by their hobby.  ...

Loy Norrix student wins full ride to Yale

Senior Lily Dorstewitz poses with her Questbridge poster after learning of her acceptance to Yale.

Nate Goodwin-Kelly, Opinion Editor/Knights Speak Team

February 9, 2020

“It just doesn’t feel real, it hasn’t started to set in yet,” said senior Lily Dorstewitz.  Dorstewitz found out in early December that she has been accepted into Yale University, one of the world’s most prestigious universities.  According to the Yale University website, last year...

What Role Models Mean To Us: Freshman looks up to her middle school art teacher

Holverstott poses with two of her original pieces. The one on the left was recently featured in an art show.

Grace Getachew, Guest Writer

January 10, 2020

“I look up to her, she helped me through some rough times,” said Loy Norrix freshman Lucy Holverstott when talking about her 6th grade art teacher from Maple Street Magnet School for the Arts, Gayle James. Everyone has someone they look up to. Whether it’s a person they’re close with or some...

Student finds enjoyable hobby after joining the Yearbook staff

Junior Haven Besser works on editing some yearbook photos. Besser was pleasantly surprised how much she has enjoyed yearbook.

Henry Parwoth, Guest Writer

January 8, 2020

Junior Haven Besser didn't know much about being on the yearbook staff at Loy Norrix until she finally decided to join now in her junior year. During her time at LN, she had not found an extracurricular activity that she was interested in or enjoyed until this year. Besser wanted some activities to put on her ...

Losing a parent before the start of high school devastates incoming freshman

A younger Kailyah Hensley poses for a photo with her Father.

Amanda Martin, Guest Writer

December 22, 2019

Around 10 o’clock at night on August 3rd, 2019, thirteen-year old Kailyah Hensley settled down for bed after a long day and plugged her phone in on the charger. When her phone had been charging for a while, she noticed many messages and missed calls from family members. Her father, 38 year-old Adrian Jackson, had ...

Senior Explains ‘New Life’ at Loy Norrix

Senior Explains ‘New Life’ at Loy Norrix

April 21, 2019

By Claire Goodwin-Kelly Senior Julienne Alphonse is looking forward to graduating high school... again. Alphonse moved from Malawi, a small country near the Eastern Coast of Africa to the United States as a refugee in October of 2016, after graduating from Lilongwe Girls Secondary School, a public ...

Students Relate to Their Zodiac Sign

Students Relate to Their Zodiac Sign

March 14, 2019

Dear Editor, I read “Zodiac Personalities.” I thought that the Aries zodiac sign is true because I’m an Aries myself. In my own description I am honest about everything that comes to my mind, I’m very passionate, have a very low patience, and I’m always in a mood for no reason. Last but not...

Action: Students Direct One Act Plays

Action: Students Direct One Act Plays

Justin Timmerman

March 6, 2019

The one-act play fest was a set of three plays that the Loy Norrix theatre department performed in front of a live audience in the Kasdorf Auditorium on Thursday, February 7th. All three plays were directed by students. The three student directors were seniors, Abigail Hauke, Rebecca Thompson and J...

A Collection of Responses

A Collection of Responses

March 28, 2018

Dear Editor, I read this article about being friends with your ex and I think that’s false. I don’t think that 49% of people are still friends with their exes at Norrix. People talk all the time about how terrible their exes are. Izayah Balden, sophomore Dear Editor, Your article about welcom...

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