A Collection of Responses

Dear Editor,
I read this article about being friends with your ex and I think that’s false. I don’t think that 49% of people are still friends with their exes at Norrix. People talk all the time about how terrible their exes are.

  • Izayah Balden, sophomore

Dear Editor,
Your article about welcoming transfer students is one that I really enjoyed. I haven’t transferred myself, ever, but I’ve got a couple friends from other schools or other districts and some don’t like it, but some do. Ultimately it’s about their experience here and the people they meet during that experience.

  • Julius Robinson, senior

Dear Editor
The paragraph I read was about a girl who moved from Mexico to Kalamazoo for a little while. In this she talks about how different it is. For example, it is much bigger here. She says how back at her home she would just walk anywhere. But, here in Kalamazoo, you have to go by cars or buses. She also says how much art we have here, and I find that to be very cool that she thinks that because sometimes I feel like it’s kind of boring here.

  • Bailey Gilligan, sophomore

Dear Editor,
I liked the story about Principal Johnny Edwards by Brandon Schnurr. It is nice to know what he likes to do. It’s cool how he can open up to us like that. It’s crazy how the number of students we get each year. I’m glad he came to help Norrix even after the troubles this school had.

  • J’cashion Gilland, junior

Dear Editor,
During reading the article “Balling on a Budget: Food Edition,” I really enjoyed this article because it is one thing to hear how food can affect your mood, and then to hear it does really work for some people. I would have liked the article to be longer but overall it was really good. My favorite part was reading about the farmers’ market because I feel that is a big part of Kalamazoo culture.

  • Elaina Gross, freshman

Dear editor,
I read the article, “Loy Norrix VS. Kalamazoo Central Basketball Game,”  and I loved it. Not only do I love hearing/reading about basketball, but you included details from the game that made me want to read more. I also enjoyed when you talked about Mike, it caught my attention.

  • Madison Downham, senior