Students Respond to Equality Within Sports

Dear Editor,

I read your article titled “Women in Sports Ask for Equality” and I have to say that I did enjoy reading about how unequal sports are for women. I completely agree that women in sports have it unfair compared to men. When reading the article, I learned a lot of new things about women in sports. I learned about the gender wage gap concerning women in sports and how that is caused by the lack of  promotion and recognition women get in sports. I also learned about the discrimination women in sports get because they’re being compared to men, how it’s hard to participate in a sport where in an early age sports are excluded due to being too masculine. These are all problems women still have to face even in 2019.

Carlos Prieto, freshman

Dear Editor,

I read the article “Women in Sports Ask for Equality,” by Paula Montoro-Aragon. Being a female athlete myself, I was really able to relate to this article. I think the inequality of men and women is sports is an issue that is not discussed often enough, so I was really glad to see an article written about it. The article made some really good points, and I think it truly portrayed how difficult it is to be a female athlete. Especially young girls, who may find it difficult to find a female athlete as a role model because they are focused on so little.

I was also able to relate to some of the sentiments expressed in the article. The situation with women’s lacrosse being non-contact and men’s lacrosse being full contact is similar to that in hockey. Girl’s hockey does not allow checking whereas boys’ hockey does. This can be very frustrating, and I appreciated seeing that other girls feel the same way. The article was very well written, and I was saddened by some of the facts about female athletes, though it is necessary that people understand their struggle. Hopefully a change will come soon in the future.

Samantha Shaffer, sophomore