Students Respond to a Variety of Articles

Dear Editor,
The article “High School Senior Reflects On The Struggles Of Moving While Growing Up” really resonated with me. I moved from Cleveland to Kalamazoo almost two years ago, and while Kalamazoo has become more of a home for me, there isn’t a day where I don’t miss my Ohio friends. In a way, the move has made my friendships with them stronger. I was so scared of losing them that we actually talk more now than we did when I was still living in Ohio.  
I’ve started to like living in Kalamazoo, but I’m also excited to move away. My best friend is even considering going to college in Michigan for me (she was disgusted when I told her I wanted to go to U of M). When I first moved, my plan was to live life in isolation and not make any friends. That plan went out the window after my first year in Kalamazoo when I realized that I actually needed human interaction so that I wouldn’t spend the rest of my high school career in bed watching trashy drama channels on Youtube. It’s still hard, and Cleveland definitely isn’t as far away as Arizona, but I’m making it work!
Telise Clemente, freshman
Dear Editor,
I greatly enjoyed and could empathize with “Freshman Explains Hardships of Being New to Norrix.” I enjoyed the use of facts and sources to show how freshmen struggle. The article greatly demonstrated the sheer confusion experienced by these new Knights on their first week. As the article went on; however, some flaws showed. First, you only review one person about their struggle, not even mentioning any others. You additionally do not have any reasoning as to why bullying is so common among freshmen and do not compare their rates of harassment to those of other grades. In total, however, I greatly appreciated the article and would recommend it.
Elias Nagel-Bennett, freshman
Dear Editor,
I read the article “Mother Nature Counts Down: Michigan needs to fight harder to Combat the Water Crisis,” and I appreciate the approach that the author took when discussing solutions and alternatives to our current course of action. I strongly believe that Flint is an example of the inefficiency of the government and its inability to efficiently manage financial issues. Furthermore, I like that the author criticizes companies which take shortcuts to ensure profit is not lost. Our state’s water crisis is a salient issue with the potential to jeopardize human lives, and we must take appropriate actions to combat it.
Katie Shantz, senior
Dear Editor,
Referring to your article “Amazon’s New Headquarters Should Be Built in Detroit.” I would like to say that I really enjoy this piece you’ve written. I believe that helping improve the city of Detroit would be very beneficial to the people who live within it all around. Detroit needs what it can get these days and I agree with this. But what about people who argue that gentrification is a bad thing? Many people think that companies who build near downtown are “gentrifying the hood” and think that it’s practically racial tension being built up. I hope that if Amazon builds their new HQ it will only create a positive outcome, Thank you!
Parker Kissel, senior
Dear Editor,
Is jordan really the GOAT? Many people argue about this on a daily speaking that Lebron could be the all time greatest and better than Jordan. I personally do not have any knowledge on this subject, but I do want to know any counter arguments to this subject. I feel like just stating opinions on your point really made it bias.   
Amaya Al-Daean, junior
Dear Editor,
I really enjoyed the article “Sierra Knight Switches from Softball to Soccer” by Justin Timmerman. The article was very well written and it had a great flow to the piece. It explained her decision in both a respectful way and a thoughtful way. It shows how sports can be very complicated and how sometimes as athletes we have to make really tough decisions. It truly showed the emotional side of what Sierra had to go through and how she is trying to have a great senior year.
Mikayla England, junior