Is College Worth It?

Ciera Mcclenton


Seniors can be seen celebrating decision day in the gym. Seniors made posters to reveal heir College choices and meet up to show off their school. Photo Credit, Erin Middleton

College can be a stressful yet rewarding experience. Students grow up and grow out, getting to be a part of something new. Going to college for some is new as they are the first in the family to do so. For some it comes as second nature, and just like everyone else in their family, they’ll go.
Some people love college and really enjoyed the experience like Jeffrey Pickell an English teacher here at Loy Norrix.
Undergrad was four crazy years of learning a ton, partying a ton, and generally just spreading my horizons,” said Pickell.
In college life goes on as you learn and grow and are sculpted into the person you’ll be.
“I was married, owned a home, and held a full-time job throughout college,” said Business teacher Beth Soission.
Not all experiences are good. Some people have difficulties in college. Some people eventually stop going to college or decide not to go at all. With many alternatives to going to college like trade school, the military or even going straight into the workforce, the real question is why college and is it worth it?

Pros: Cons:
  • People with college degrees make more money than those with High school diplomas or GED
  • College experiences:
    • Pledging,traveling abroad, joining a club,playing sports. Much like high school, college has tons of extra-curricular activities, and with such a brought spectrum it’s almost guaranteed to suit your interests.
    • Gives you the opportunity to be independent.
    • Provides excellent grounds to begin networking  and relationship-building with classmates, teachers and mentors
  • More Academic freedom. In high school, generally, you have limited choices as far as classes and fields of interest. In college you don’t have the roadblock in place, so it’s easier to take classes you actually want and that go with your own interests
  • Going to college is expensive, and even with the Promise, there are still tons of things you’ll have to pay for ranging from room and board to snacks to toothpaste and soap. Everything costs money.
  • Around 70% of college students graduate with debt (CNBC)
  • No longer special? Now that more and more people are going to college, the degree alone isn’t enough to secure a job/career.
  • College, like high school, uses a set of standards to determine grades and success which some people may find hard to thrive in.
  • Although placement rates for some schools may be high, there is no guarantee that you’ll  get a job with your degree or in your chosen field.
  • College can be stressful and time consuming. In order to do well in college and take it seriously, you’ll have to devote a large part of your time and energy into your studies.

Still, college isn’t the right path for everyone, and plenty of people who don’t go to college still lead super-fulfilling, successful lives,” said Pickell.
There are plenty of alternatives when it comes to life after high school. Trade school, college, going straight into the workforce, there aren’t wrong options. Two years, four, or ten. Traditional or online? University or community? There are tons of options and combinations. What road will you chose?