Students Respond to Article "Open Campus for Lunch and Other Concerns"

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Dear Editor,
I think that that Loy Norrix should change and open campus for lunch because I get tired of sitting inside of the lunch room everyday, and I also get tired of eating the food. Some people get tired of the food too and want to maybe eat something else or go home or out at a restaurant to eat. They want to get out for a little break before going back to class get a little time to refresh.
Tamia Schiffino
Dear Editor,
I read “Loy Norrix Should Change to an Open Campus for Lunch” and I really enjoyed it. I understand why students with transportation are not allowed to go get food at lunch, but I agree with Yasmin Mosqueda that there are ways to match the administrators’ and students’ demands. I thought it was a very good idea to make leaving at lunch a privilege that can be revoked. It could require a signature from a parent or guardian. It could also be taken away after a referral or your grades drop dramatically. I understand why they would think some students would not come back, but it’s their grades and they’d pay for it. Overall, I really enjoyed this article and liked all of the different ideas.
Daniel P. McAfee
Dear editor,
We really need to do something about lunch.  No one wants to eat lunch at 10:30 in the morning.  That is breakfast time. We should start a petition to change lunch period to breakfast.  The busses get here too late for breakfast before school starts. 10:30 is breakfast time.  The cafeteria should serve pancakes and bacon and pop tarts, maybe some grits and biscuits too.  A lot of kids like sausage. Oh yeah and fruit that would be good. If we had that for lunch we would not be hungry all day waiting to get home. School would be better .
Kiara Harris