Loy Norrix choir sings to EmpowHER


Credit: Jeanie Gould-McElhone

The Loy Norrix choir performs at their concert on November 1st.

Jeanie Gould-McElhone, Arts and Entertainment Editor

The Loy Norrix Choir’s annual Cabaret was held the weekend  of November 1st and the choir put on an entertaining performance.

Every year there is a different theme for the Cabaret concert. This year’s theme was EmpowHER, celebrating songs written and made famous by women. 

Looking through this year’s program, it was inspiring to see how much great music has come from women. The concert repertoire included songs either written or performed by female powerhouses all throughout history such as Whitney Housten, Beyoncé, Carrie Underwood, Lady Gaga and Carole King. 

The opening number featured a special performance from two original members of the Motown group, The Velvelettes. Accompanied by Loy Norrix choir members, senior Katie Gray and senior Neziah Lewis sang one of their most famous songs, “Needle In a Haystack.” It was an energetic way to begin the concert and introduce the special guest stars, Bertha Barbee-McNeal and Carol [Cal] Street, who both have roots in Kalamazoo.

Perhaps the biggest laughs of the evening came when Master Singers tenors and basses sang a very entertaining version of “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” to an adult volunteer from the audience who got serenaded by the eight Loy Norrix guys on Friday night. Sophomore Aiden Beebe and senior Ethan Semelbauer would have made The Righteous Brothers proud with their strong solos in that number. 

Senior Rondea Dotson said, “‘You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling’ was my favorite. It wasn’t the best at first but once we got to sing to someone, it gave it a purpose.”

The combined choir performance of “Make Them Hear You” from the musical “Ragtime” was a beautiful and touching way to end the first act. Soloists junior Harmony Holt and senior Jordan Torres were simply marvelous. 

“You Say,” performed as a solo by sophomore Kendyl Kirshman, and Beyonce’s “Halo,” by Beyonce, a solo sung by Katie Gray, were breathtaking. Both girls received great praise from the audience for their performance.

The final number, “The Champion,” written by Carrie Underwood, Christopher Bridges, Chris Destefano, and Brett James and arranged by Mac Huff was a high energy number that ended the show on a positive and upbeat note, which fit the overall tone of the concert.   

Congratulations to choir director Julie Pelligrino for creating an exciting and innovative concert with a relevant theme. A special shout out to former Loy Norrix student Hannah Newhouse and her dad on bass and all members of the Loy Norrix Choir.