Men shouldn’t always have to propose with a ring


Henry Parwoth, Guest Writer

Marriage is probably one of the most unifying events that take place in many people’s lives around the world. Of course, to get married, you have to propose first in most cases. Proposing can be very stressful for men who have to propose to the woman who they wish to be their future wife. This is why men shouldn’t always have to propose with a ring.

Not everyone has the money to buy an engagement ring at any moment because they have expenses that they need to pay for. On average most American couples expect to spend between $1,000 and $5,000 on engagement rings before they get married. This price is very high, and there are people who don’t even make over $1,000 a month.

The solution to this is that society shouldn’t have the image that men always have to propose with a ring for the engagement to be legit. Maybe men could propose with items that they know are very dear to their significant other. For instance, they could give pictures that incite memories that a couple has or necklaces and bracelets. This would save couples a lot of money, and it would also be meaningful because the man would have spent a lot of time and thought into what to get their significant other for the engagement instead of getting a ring like everyone else. 

Engagement rings to me feel like more of a privilege for those who have the money to buy them, and those who don’t have the money shouldn’t be pressured to buy them if they want to get married. 

Each year in the United States over 2.5 million marriages take place, which is a lot of money on engagement rings. Also, the fact that not all of these marriages work out is a big factor since about every 13 seconds a divorce happens in America.

Now, what would come of this: if the culture of proposals in America and other cultures changed that would take the stress off of many men. Such has the financial burden that may be put on men who don’t have enough money for rings. Also, the amount of money that men as a whole can save if they find an alternative item to propose with or the money they can save if the marriage ends up in divorce would sum up to a large margin. Let’s change the culture associated with proposals!