Knight Life

A freshman artist turns an average water bottle into a piece of art

Kierra Walker uses her artistic talent for everyday enjoyment.

Victoria Hoppe, Guest Writer

April 3, 2020

Loy Norrix freshman Kierra Walker likes to relax her mind by painting on water bottles in her free time and when she is done she gives her masterpieces to her family and friends. Walker first started painting water bottles after being inspired by social media artists.  “I like to paint on water bottles because ...

Freshman artist looks towards practical careers in the arts

Sophie Decker, Web/A.V. Editor

April 1, 2020

Sun filters in from large windows, illuminating the wood floors of her art studio as freshman Stella Amy works on her most recent project: Christmas presents!  Last Christmas, Amy made bags for her family using a technique called wet felting, in which a solid form is made by matting together wool fi...

High school junior meets father for the first time

Junior Dejanique McPherson is glad she decided to meet her father. Although they don't stay in touch, she is still a hardworking and charismatic teen working hard on her education.

Jessica Kanipe, Guest Writer

February 20, 2020

As she walked through the doors of the church, she saw crowds of family dressed in formal clothing as the sound of cars driving past and doors opening and closing drowned out the chit chat among the crowd. Junior Dejanique McPherson had grown up without the warm arms of her father, until three years...

Men shouldn’t always have to propose with a ring

Men shouldn't always have to propose with a ring

Henry Parwoth, Guest Writer

December 18, 2019

Marriage is probably one of the most unifying events that take place in many people's lives around the world. Of course, to get married, you have to propose first in most cases. Proposing can be very stressful for men who have to propose to the woman who they wish to be their future wife. This is why ...

Pouring From an Empty Cup: Loy Norrix Students Struggle to Find Balance in Their Busy Lives

Pouring From an Empty Cup: Loy Norrix Students Struggle to Find Balance in Their Busy Lives

December 19, 2017

By Emma Fergusson, Guest Writer “You know, no one has time to just go out in the woods for a few hours,” said senior Bethany Dunham. Like many of her fellow Loy Norrix students, Dunham dreams of a world in which she could forget about the books and papers that weigh down her backpack, and focus...

The Effects of Love: Student Shares his Experiences with His Parent's Divorce

Brandon and his family hop on the ATV (all-terrain vehicle) while visiting his uncle Donny.

June 19, 2017

Guest Writer Jordan Taylor-Effinger You meet a girl, you fall in love. At that moment there’s no doubt in your mind that she’s the one for you, so you get married. Everything is “perfect.” You have kids and even then, things seem like they're all good. But after awhile it might feel like th...

All Schools Need to Mandate Seat Belts on School Buses

Olivia Ely

June 19, 2017

Guest Writer Olivia Ely According to the “National Association for Pupil Transportation,” every day about 485,000 buses carry more than 25 million children to and from school and school-related activities in the U.S. Therefore, all school buses within the Kalamazoo Public Schools District should be equipped with seat belt...

Starting Over: Student Finds Pleasure In Moving To A New School

Classmates Brandon Schnurr and Hunter Sandt work on a newspaper newspaper project in Jounalism. Brandon and Hunter have known each other for about two years now and become good friends. Photo Credit / Breyana Wilson

June 18, 2017

Guest Writer Breyana Wilson Moving from a different school can be a difficult task for many young adults in America. Being placed in an unfamiliar environment with students and teachers you don’t know can become stressful. Hunter Sandt, who is now a freshman at Loy Norrix High School, experienced thi...

Perks of Poetry

Loy Norrix Junior Ardriques McFerrin poses with teacher and inspiration for poetry, Anna Gutman. Both Gutman and McFerrin enjoy writing poetry. Photo Credit / Will Dales

June 17, 2017

Guest Writer Will Dales “How can I give you my pain when it’s all I’ve got left?” said Loy Norrix junior Ardriques McFerrin as he read over one of his old poems. Poetry is an outlet for many, but for McFerrin it’s a way to not only express himself, but also a way to receive recognition. H...

California’s Gun Law Creates Contempt and Doubt

Josh Hentowski

June 17, 2017

Guest Writer Josh Hentkowski Do you chop down a tree because of one bad apple? California’s gun laws have been known to be strict and decisive, but on November 8, 2016, the state of California voted on Proposition 63. This proposition expanded the idea of gun control; placing limitations on types of guns and ...

College Administration Fails to Protect Students from Sexual Assault

College Administration Fails to Protect Students from Sexual Assault

June 15, 2017

Guest Writer Jillian Lynk According to a recent study by the “White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault,” one in five women will experience sexual assault in their college career. Yet, even when faced with these statistics, college administrations refuse to directly handle the issue. Less than one third of students found responsible for sexual assault are being expelled, which sends the message that ...

Preparing for Early/Middle College

Jordan Taylor

June 14, 2017

Guest Writer Brandon Schnurr “I'm just an average kid with average scores and average grades,” said sophomore Jordan Taylor, but she is anything but average. Taylor is one of the few students entering Kalamazoo Public School’s Early/Middle College program at Kalamazoo Valley Community Colleg...

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