Fun times at local ski park: Loy Norrix student spends the day skiing at Timber Ridge


Freshman Lucy Heystek poses on top of the back quad hill right before she skied down. Lucy is spending the day skiing at Timber Ridge ski park.

Stella Amy, Social Media Team

Skis are gliding through white clouds of snow, cold air blasts Lucy in the face as she soars down the hill. 

Freshman Lucy Heystek at Loy Norrix high school, spends the day skiing with friends and family at Timber Ridge ski and snowboard park. 

“What do I like most about skiing? I love being able to ski with friends and family and teaching my other friends how to ski,” explains Heystek. 

The Heystek family normally goes to Timber Ridge to ski because it’s local and it’s a smaller place, so it makes it easier to get around. 

“You can’t get lost at Timber Ridge, it’s very easy to get around. Almost all my friends that ski go to Timber Ridge,” said Heystek.

Even though Timber Ridge is a great ski park for Lucy and her family, there are some things she wished were different. For example, Timber Ridge opens really late in the season so people can’t start skiing until at least mid-January. 

“I don’t like how late it opens in the year, or how there are not many hills on it so it can get boring at some points,” Heystek continues “The snow conditions are not the best here which can make skiing difficult.” 

Overall Timber Ridge is one of Lucy’s favorite local places to ski because all of her friends ski there.