Nintendo holds a “favorite Pokemon” poll


Credit: Sophie Decker

Pokemon #001 Bulbasaur was one of the original Pokemon released back in 1996 and was the center of a social media movement to win the Pokemon poll. Unfortunately, Bulbasaur did not break the top 10.

Jackson Kiino-Terburg, A/V Editor

Which Pokemon is the “best” is a question as old as time or at least as old as Pokemon itself. 

The “Pokemon” series is turning 24 years old on February 27th. With this impressive milestone approaching, Nintendo partnered with Google to hold a poll to find out what people’s favorite Pokemon is. Voting closed on February 14th, however the results were only just released today, February 27th, Pokemon Day. Seemingly out of left field, the ninja like water-type pokemon, Greninja.

In the past, the original Pokemon games’ Bulbasaur has typically been the least popular of the three characters. However, there has been an uprising on various social media platforms amongst Bulbasaur supporters. The little green creature has become somewhat of a small social movement, with even major news organizations, such as The Verge sharing their bias. Unfortunately, even with this mass movement, Bulbasaur still did not break the top 10 in the results.

Regardless of the results of this poll, it was sure to bring controversy and disagreement. However, hopefully this Pokemon Day people are also brought together by their common love of Pokemon.